SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Year 12 Graduation ceremony



The first Graduation ceremony of the IB Division was a long-awaited event, a culmination of three years of hard work by students and teachers.

In the immediate aftermath of the IB final exams, homeroom tutor Ms. Vivian Feng rounded up a few of the Year 12 students to plan and organize the event.


The event kicked off with hosts Elaine and Zachery welcoming all guests and introducing the first item, the rendition of the Chinese hit, “Childhood, sung once again by Marmalade in her inimitable signature style. She was backed by the stalwarts of our IB band, Jeff on the violin, Tomo on the bass guitar, and a surprise stint by Zachery on the drums.

毕业 典礼由本届毕业生王艺霖(Elaine)和陈龙飞(Zachery)主持,他们首先对在场的来宾表示了欢迎并介绍了本次活动的第一个节目——由毕业生黄舒雅(Marmalade)现场献唱一首独具风格的歌曲《童年》。缅怀逝去的青葱岁月,现场来宾深醉其中。演唱由IB乐队现场伴奏,由刘趣(Jeff)担任小提琴手,阿部智良(Tomo)担任电吉他手,陈龙飞(Zachery)担任鼓手。

This was followed by a series of short speeches. Vice Principal Mr. Oliver Li’s speech highlightedthe significance of being an inaugural cohort, while student representative Billy Guo, with translation provided by classmate Chaos Li, gave a moving and heartfelt tribute to parents, teachers and peers, and wishing the school continued success. Representing the parents, Mrs. Wang likewise expressed her appreciation for the opportunities and the nurturing provided for their children. Finally IB Principal Mr. Joel Seow, with Mr. Chen Yu translating, exhorted the students to always be principled, caring inquirers, and do their alma mater proud by becoming citizens of the world with positive contributions to society and country. Bouquets were then presented to Mr. Seow and Mrs.Feng from the student body.


Next in line was the video clips featuring snippets of life within the IB community. The Year 12 students had prepared a brilliant video montage of their most memorable moments from Year 10 to 12, to the delight of the audience. They had also filmed their individual well wishes and those of the Year 12 teachers.


As a farewell gesture, the Year 11 representative presented a Graduation Yearbook which they had specially designed, to show their affection for their seniors.


Finally, the highlight of the event was the presentation of the high school certificates to our IB graduates. Principal Mr.Ge, and IB Principal Mr. Joel Seow presented certificates to the first 8 students,Billy, Chaos, Daisy, Helen, Hubert, Jane, Jeff and Jenifer, while Vice principals Mr. Oliver Li and Mr. Peter Pan presented the certificates to the remaining 9 students, Jerome, Kathy, Kenneth, Marmalade, Nelson, Reborn, Tomo, Elaine and Zachery.

典礼的最后环节是最令人激动和期待的时刻,即给IB毕业生们颁发高中毕业证书。先由总校长葛翠兵先生、IB校长萧世安先生给8位毕业生颁发证书,他们是郭恺然(Billy)、李子俊(Chaos)、张黛茜(Daisy)、沈夏琳(Helen)、衡翔翔(Hubert)、李诗静(Jane)、刘趣(Jeff)和钱佳(Jennifer),紧接着由副校长李方华先生和潘鑫先生给其余的九位毕业生颁发证书,他们是赵子一(Jerome)、王佳 (Kathy)、王炜翔(Kenneth)、黄舒雅 (Marmalade)、展梓涛(Nelson)、胡宇哲(Reborn)、 阿部智良(Tomo)、王艺霖(Elaine)和陈龙飞 (Zachery)。

As the hosts thanked the audience and the rest of the student body adjourned for classes, all Year 12 students and teachers, together with their parents, gathered for formal and then informal photographs.


Well done, IB Division.  May you continue to nurture our young adults to be the best that they can be.