SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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On June 5th, SIPFLS IB team went to the south of our school for a friendly match against Ulink. The team was very nervous when we arrived at their school because this was our last match in this semester.

6月5日,SIPFLS IB团队前往学校南部,与Ulink学院进行了一场友谊赛。当球队到达Ulink学校时,所有的人都非常紧张,因为这是这学期的最后一场比赛。


Before the match, Coach Sos had a talk with the boys, reminding them that this was the last match, and they should do their best. Then the match started. In the first half, Ulink scored the first goal by a free kick. The team felt a little bit sad. But the defense line was still strong and goalkeeper Iker Xia (Y10) saved some difficult goals.



In the second half, Iker assisted Anthony Bolton (Y10) to score. At that moment, the team thought that was a sign they would win. They started to attack in the last three minutes. Unfortunately, due to the intensity of the match, fatigue slowly hit the players and their energy levels were decreasing. Because of our tiredness, Ulink scored two more goals in the last few minutes. The final score was 3:1. Coach Sos said that we played a good game, and we should keep our heads high. It was a memorable game.