SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners Events


This Tuesday 29th May Students in Adventure club were offered an opportunity to participate in a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) demonstration with the specialist, Mr. Gu, from Blue Sky Rescue (BSR). Blue Sky Rescue (BSR) is specializes in disaster relief and humanitarian assistance, non-governmental organizations. Besides CPR demonstration, Mr.Gu also shared his experience on rescuing comatose marathon runner and gave a number of tips for field survival. It has been a great honour for both the school and students having this meaningful lecture with Mr.Gu. Students would have more education on first-aid treatment through this talk and demonstration.

这周二( 529),冒险社团的学生有机会和蓝天救援中心顾老师一起参加了心腹复苏演示讲解。“蓝天救援”是专门从事人道主义援助的非政府组织。除了CPR 示范,顾老师还和大家分享了他本人救助马拉松运动员的经历,并教给了学生一些野外求生技巧。对学生和所以参与者来说,这些宝贵的经验是很难得的财富。他们认真聆听,积极讨论。也通过这次的活动,学到了很多实用的知识和技能。