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Sharing by IB experienced staff and ex-student

On 9th November, the IB class had a surprise visit from Mdm Li, who previously served as  Principal of  Shanghai Singapore International School,  and Director of School Administration of Suzhou Singapore International School. 

Mdm Li visited SIPFLS on the invitation of Principal Ge. She was accompanied by her husband, Mr Fu, who was part of a high- level Singaporean team responsible for piloting the Suzhou Industrial Park project, and daughter Danyu, an IB graduate from Suzhou Singapore International from the batch of 2008. At the IB Principal’s invitation, Danyu shared spontaneously about her IB days, the skills of research and oral presentation that gave her an edge over her University peers, and how being an IB learner gave her the confidence to pursue her interest in design as a University major and subsequently as a career as a graphics designer with a Japanese firm.  When quizzed about the disadvantages of the IB experience, she was equally candid and suggested that sometimes, IB learning may emphasize breadth of knowledge at the expense of depth, but Mdm Li was quick to add that the IB does encourage students to pursue their individual areas of interest in greater depth.

It was a refreshing and enjoyable session and one which provided many interesting and useful pointers for all.


李女士这次访问园外是应我校葛校长的邀请而来。她由其丈夫Mr Fu陪同,Mr Fu曾是开发苏州工业园区项目新加坡团队成员之一,她的女儿丹宇是苏州新加坡国际学校2008届的一名IB毕业生。受到IB校长的邀请,丹宇也分享了她读IB的经历、研究和口头展示的技能,这些经验让她在大学同学中脱颖而出,作为一名IB学习者如何让她建立自信去追随自己的兴趣---大学的设计专业,后来她成为日本一家公司的图形设计师。当被问起IB学习的缺陷,她也坦诚回答并建议IB学习可以强调广博的知识的深度,但是李女士很快补充:IB鼓励学生们在更大的深度上追随他们个人感兴趣的领域。