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IB results out today!

IB 今日喜迎首届学子大考成绩!

It’s the day of reckoning over at the IB Division today. With bated breath, IB students awaited the release of their results slips.


We are pleased to announce that our inaugural batch achieved a 100% pass rate.


Our top score stands at 40.


Against this year global Diploma pass rate of 77.71%, we have to date attained a pass rate of 100%.and against the worldwide average score of 29.78 points ,we attained an average score of 32.07.

同比今年IB全球考生的77.71%的通过率,我校本届IB考生的通过率高达100%,同比IB世界均分29.78,本届IB 学子的平均分高达32.07.

With the results obtained, almost the whole cohort is eligible for top 100 ranked universities. These include University College London, University of Toronto, Melbourne University, University of Alberta, Simon Fraser University, etc. Most if not all of our candidates have confirmed the University offers which they initially received based on their then-predicted grades.


Considering that 29% of our cohort entered our programme with a Middle School exam score between 600 - 644, and the remaining 59% entered our IBDP programme with a score between 560 - 600, the present results are a testament to the high value-added component of our programme. Top scorer Chen Longfei is a case in point. Having entered our programme with a score of 614, he has in the span of these few years, developed a consistently excellent record and has now attained an IB score of 40. Of the remaining 2 foreign candidates without Middle School scores, 1 has clinched 39 points.


We are thankful for the results and may God continue to grant us favour in the years ahead. May we see an upward trend as IBDP continues to grow.