SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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IBDP Student Council Inauguration Ceremony


On 29th of September, all the SIPFLS IB students gathered in the auditorium to attend the 3rd Election of Student Council (S.C.). This year also witnessed a fierce competition among eight candidates running for five positions. They presented wonderful speeches one by one, showed their confident and talents, fully demonstrating their comprehensive qualities. After the speech, there was a question and answer (Q&A) session. All the audience actively participated and threw out sharp questions. The candidates also gave their answers patiently and seriously. At the end, all the teachers and students voted privately under the help of 2nd S.C members.


On 17th of October, all the SIPFLS IB students gathered in the auditorium to attend the 3ndInauguration Ceremony of the Student Council (S.C.). The ceremony was held in the presence of our IB Principal, Mr. Joel Seow, Vicedirectorof IB High School Mr. Jacky Zhangas well as all the teachers and studentsof IBDP. It was an honor to have one of our teacher advisors, Ms. Phoebe Liawto give a speech to address the members of the audience.


During the ceremony, the new S.C. executive committee, led by thePresident of the 3rdS.C., Anthony Bolton,were presented with the Student Council badges by the incumbent executive commitee, led by thePresident of the 2nd S.C.,James Liu. That moment signified the beginning of a new student leader group and the completion of their term of office for the first batch of S.C.All the new members were sworn-in and promised to discharge their responsibility to the best of their abilities as members of the S.C. This solemn moment was witnessed by all the members of IBDP present.


Here, we sincerely wish the new S.C. of IBDP a refulgent future!