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IB 高级高中部 CAS活动剪影

Aglanceof CAS in IB High School



October is a colorful season of harvest。 In IB high school of SIPFLS, different CAS clubs is also well-organized.

慈善义卖 爱心满满

Charity bazaar Full of love


On the Oct. 18, Bazaar Charity Club carried out their first Afternoon Tea sale from 4 to 5 p.m. in the school cafe. The sale was a big success, and the club managed to receive a considerable amount of profit of around 1400 RMB.


The products offered were various, including innovative-designed drinks, the glass-blub Fanta, to popular fried snacks, french fries and hash browns. Apart from the traditional dishes on the menu, the club added a few more new products, for example, Japanese rice cakes and waffles, each of them became a big hit.


Recently,Bazaar also donated 2000yuan to Fengjiao Wu from Long E primary school and Liguang Wu from Liujia primary school.This is the third year of donating.


慢生活 慢体验



Slow life, slow experience

      — The dynamic portrait photography study


In the autumn of October, the first study of off-campus photography skills organized by the Photography Club was carried out smoothly on the afternoon of 20th Oct, on the first floor of Suzhou SundanLife. The purpose of this activity is not only to enable us to have the most direct exposure to photography and to experience its enjoyment, but also to increase relevant knowledge on this aspect.


This time, we were fortunate enough to be able to listen to the professional photographer teacher Liu give us a speech about dynamic portrait photography. Within an hour, we learned how to properly control and use the tools of exposure, high-sensitivity and other settings, such as shutter and aperture, to help us better capture a perfect dynamic portrait, but also give us plenty of time to exercise and consolidate this series of knowledge. Dynamic portrait photography is one of difficult parts of photography. So in the course of activity, we were trying to improve our skills in this part by taking a shot. Not only that, we were also analyzing and reflecting on the results of the shooting, to provide benchmarks and references for the next shot, in order to have a better upgrade. The active photographic atmosphere fully achieves the purpose of this event.


With the gradual development and promotion of the surrounding environment, people's life rhythm has been accelerating. More and more details are overlooked, and these are the details of a ballet dancer's graceful dance movements, or the innocence of a child feeding a pigeon at one time, or even a subtle look in the blink of an eye when looking back ... Dynamic portrait photography, as one of the ways to record this precious moment, allows us to slow down, to enjoy and experience life under its lens.


Kitchen story


The week before the World Book Day, cooking club has begun to make the cookies for the parents, teachers and the students. Different groups have made different flavors for the audience to choose depends on their flavor. How sweet they are! There are totally about 800 pieces of cookies for the club to make, this is a big challenge for the club. Every member does their best that they done a great job. Each club members has contributed a lot into the activity to let all the audience enjoy the activities within the delicious cookies.


In the past two month, cooking club memebers already learned fruit in hottoffee, tempura, curry and rice, waffles. At home, they also tried to cook to their parents and got good feedback.


在IB CAS 课程中,强调学生全面均衡发展创造力、提高运动表现、学会关心他人。不仅丰富了学生的校园生活,也在学生学习知识之余学会必要的生活技能、沟通技能等。这和园外一直强调重视的“养活教育”也是不谋而合。

CAS requires to balance‘Creativity ’‘Activity’ ‘Service’. It colores school life and help students to develop life skill and communication skill, which also is our school Self-reliance Skills Education idea.