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IB World Book Day --- An Adapted Vision of Pride and Prejudice

IB高中部世界读书日活动 ---- 《傲慢与偏见》校园版


On the afternoon of Wednesday, 31st October the IB department held their fourth World Book Day celebration, hosted in style by Effielnora Chau and Kriss Kang. Inviting principals, teachers, parents and staff, all came together in the auditorium to enjoy the afternoon’s performances inspired by notable works of literature. Before taking their seats, the audience was treated to a warm welcoming reception where they could read the WBD programme and enjoy freshly baked cookies, courtesy of the IB’s excellent cooking club.  



The main event of the day was the IB student-led play adaptation of Jane Austen’s well-known love story, Pride and Prejudice. Year 11 did an excellent job of reimagining the story, placing it in a modern school setting which dealt with the everyday trials and tribulations of students (something that they are very familiar with!). Anthony Bolton (narrator), Sandra Sun (Elisabeth), Lily Ji (Jane), Evan Fan (Bingley) and Jerry Yuanshan(Darcy) took the lead roles and did an excellent job bringing the creative rewriting of the story to life. The props, makeup, costumes, programme designers, lightening, curtains, ushers, sound and microphone teams all worked together with a dedicated cast to create a performance to remember.




During the interval, Jack Liang gave a wonderful piano recital, performing two pieces from the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice: Dawn and Georgiana by Dario Marianelli. The IB Dance club also displayed their talent with a dance called寄明月or “Scented Moon”, merging Eastern and Western styles. Adding to the afternoon’s excitement, students in the IB department were encouraged to dress up as their favourite literary character and a competition was held for the best-dressed students. Here, the audience was given the opportunity to vote for their favourite costume, with copies of Pride and Prejudice awarded to the top three students.

在此期间,梁嘉伟给观众带来一出精彩的钢琴演奏,分别是Dario MarianelliDawnGeorgiana,这两支曲目均来自2005年改编的电影《傲慢与偏见》。与此同时,IB舞蹈俱乐部还展示了一场优美的舞蹈表演,名为寄明月或“香味月亮”,舞蹈巧妙融合了东西方风格。更加令人兴奋的是,IB学生被鼓励走到台前,装扮成他们最喜欢的文学人物形象,还进行了一场最佳着装竞赛,现场观众有机会投票选出自己喜欢的服装。最后,小说《傲慢与偏见》作为奖品颁发给了获得前三名的学生。



As the final curtain calls came to a close, it was clear from the audience’s enthusiastic applause that all the performances had been a success. Each year, the WBD is getting bigger and better and we look forward to see what Year 10 will bring to the event next year!