SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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ShiokLa! What a Fun Exchange!


On Friday, 30th November, Year 11 students had the pleasure of welcoming 38 students and 3 accompanying teachers from Meridian Junior College from Singapore. Our Singaporean guests arrived at SIPFLS at 9am in the morning and were greeted heartily by IB Principal Mr. Joel Seow, and IB High School Vice-Director Mr. Jacky Zhang, and the Year 11 student councilors. The Singaporean delegation was led on a brief tour of the school campus, and was particularly impressed by the fun STEM activities room, the iWood workshop and the individual piano practice huts behind the café. Our visitors were struck by the fact that students of SIPFLS had access to these wonderful facilities for developing a variety of skills from young.

1130日星期五,苏州工业园区外国语学校很荣幸地迎来了新加坡美廉初级学院的38名学生与3名教师。新加坡访问团于上午9点抵达园外,受到了IB校长Joel Seow先生、高中部副主任张峰先生及11年级学生会议员的热烈欢迎。访问团的师生们参观了校园,对STEM活动教室、乐木工作室和钢琴房留下了深刻的印象。他们惊叹园外的学生从小就可以在校园内使用到各种开发技能的设施。

Following the tour, the students were divided into 3 groupsto attend 3 English classes across the level. 16 of these students joined the English A class taught by Ms Fay Donovan. They were introduced to a text from the Oscar Wilde’s play,A Woman of No Importance. The main activity of the lesson was for all students to collaborate within a groupand give a performance of an extract from the play. After a brief read- through and “rehearsal”, the four groups each gave an energetic and comedic performance, embracing their respective roles and rising to the challenge. The activity provided the students with an appreciation of some central tenets of the play, including a first-hand exposure to the etiquette and opinions of upper class Victorian society. The session proved enjoyable and fun.

参观结束后,新加坡美廉初级学院的学生们被分成3组加入了我们的课堂。其中16位学生加入了Fay Donovan老师的英语文学课堂。Fay Donovan老师给学生们上了一堂生动的英语戏剧表演课。戏剧表演的内容是,奥斯卡·王尔德的戏剧《一个无足轻重的女人》中的一个片段。课堂上,Fay Donovan老师让所有的学生在一个小组内合作,共同演绎这部经典。经过通读和“预演”,四组学生融入了各自的角色,呈现了一场充满活力和精彩纷呈的表演。这次活动让学生们了解了该剧的一些核心原则,并且亲身体验了维多利亚上层社会的礼仪观念。一堂课下来同学们笑容满面,收获颇多。

In the English B HL class led by Ms Theresa Lau, one student Cyril started the session by giving a welcome message to the studentsfrom Singapore. The session then kicked off with two rounds of the game 'Pictionary'. The students were engaged and it was a great way to break the ice. After that, each group moved into a time of discussion. Having been assigned a topic each(“Hobbies”, “Language”, “Festivals” or “Food and Entertainment”), students exchanged lively cross-cultural anecdotes. After the discussion, each group sent one or two representatives to share some of these cultural similarities and differences between Singapore and China.The session concluded with students thanking each other and taking selfies together for keepsake.


In the Eng B SL/HL class taught by Ms Norma, our Singaporean students were treated to a warm welcome against the backdrop of scenic spots of both countries and the lyrical strains of Kunqu, the traditional Suzhou Opera. Our students introduced the landmarks of both places, like Suzhou’s The Humble Administrator’s Garden and Suzhou Centre, and Singapore’sMerlion and Gardens by the Bay. This was followed by an ice-breaking activity, the Pit Ball, during which students from both sides were paired up to achieve the same task or answer the same question. Next, the most exciting section, the Singlish & Chinglish competition, in which the groups competed against each other, brought the lesson to its climax. Having been learning about the varieties of English in their English B classes, this was the best first-hand experience of Singlish expressions, such as “Ang mo” (literally “White hair”, a reference to “Westerners”) for our students, which enabled them to more deeply understand the power of language in meaning-making. Very quickly, this lesson approached its final part –penning a group letter with their best wishes. Sealed in envelopes and presented to each other, this was a simple but meaningful encapsulation of this wonderful and unforgettable experience.


After the fun and engaging English lessons, the Y11 students and Meridian JC students went to the sports hall for some activities. All the students were mixed together into 4 house teams so that our students could get to know the Singaporean students better. The first game was “Wacko”, in which the students had to remember each other’s names. The second game was “Fit Tac Toe” and students in 2 house teams had to compete against one another to form one straight line with their cones. The activities ended with an exchange of gifts and souvenirs between the students.

为了进一步加强两校学生之间的交流,在课堂活动结束后,十一年级和美廉初级学院的学生们被分成小组,又去体育馆进行了两场互动游戏。第一场是“Wacko”,通过比赛,学生们记住了彼此的名字。第二场是“Fit Tac Toe”,在这场比赛中,两个团队相互竞争,看哪个团队可以先形成一条直线。互动游戏结束后,学生们真诚地交换了礼物。最终,本次访问交流活动在两校师生的欢声笑语中圆满结束。