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On the 18th December 2018 the SIPFLS IB department celebrated their third Intercultural Day. The aim of this festival is to promote diversity, inclusion and the understanding of different cultures. Under the guidance and leadership of the Student Council and IB Events team, students and teachers had worked together for weeks to plan the day’s events and activities, and this year the celebration was bigger and more ambitious than ever. Students represented the culture of 17 different countries from around the world with vibrant costumes and delicious food.


In their opening address, student representatives Jack and Rebecca began the celebrations by warmly welcoming the schoolleaders and parent representatives. A warm welcome was also extended to our numerous sponsors. Collaborating with these wonderful sponsors also gave SIPFLS the chance to work with the surrounding community, whose generous donations contributed to the charitable and communal spirit of day.


Representatives of each of the 17 countries then walked out in their costumes, representing the diversity of culture on display. A crowd favourite was Oscar representing China in traditional Tang Dynasty robes. The IB Dance Club kept the celebrations going by stunning the audience with a J­­‑Pop dance. This was followed by some amazing performances by our IB music students. The crowd was wowed by solo piano performances by Louisa, Jack, and Charlotte; this was followed by a series of group performance by Ms. Claire, Mr. ChangHao, Mazikeen, Jasmin, Anny and Ms. Fay Donovan with her local folk band. The highlight of the day had to be the amazing Yo-Yo spectacular by primary school student Yu Guan Ting, winning the hearts of all who watched with his display of skill.

接着,17个国家的学生代表们都穿上各自国家的特色服饰展现给来宾们观看。其中史克信同学展示的中国唐装最受欢迎。音乐俱乐部的J-Pop电音秀表演把活动推向了高潮,在场的观众们都纷纷随着音乐翩翩起舞。与此同时,观众们对Claire老师、常皓老师、刘静雨同学、张芊芊同学和张君和同学带来的一些列表演,以及Fay Donovan老师的地方民间乐队演出都赞不绝口。演出精彩不断,来自于小学部的余冠廷同学为大家呈现了溜溜球表演,他的高超技能赢得了阵阵掌声。

Food is always an important aspect of culture and our Intercultural Day celebrations always pays special attention to the culinary arts. Visitors had the opportunity to try our students’ own interpretations of traditional fair such as Japanese Osakayaki, Chinese hotpot, Brazilian BBQ, Mexican burritos with homemade Guacamole, English Tea and Eton Mess with a dragon fruit twist, Scottish Cranachan (absent the Whiskey) and German Beer and Sausages. Guests may have left the event hungry to learn more about the different cultures of the world but no one left hungry for more food!


The guests also learned about sports and traditional games from around the globe and were quizzed at each stand to collect unique stamps from the individual booths as souvenirs in their ‘passports’ when they participated in the activities. Guest who collected stamps from all countries were rewarded with a prized pin to commemorate the day. It was truly a delightful day as we learned about other countries and rejoiced in the diversity of cultures!


We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your attendance and kind support given to the 3rd Intercultural Day held by Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School IB Department. Because of your generosity, we were able to reach our goal of helping Greenway School in Samraong, Cambodia build a classroom, and also benefited the following charities in need – Suzhou Industrial Park Social Service Department (“Warm Winter” Charity Fund”), Changjiang Civilian Education Foundation, Dong Qi Shi Xiao Lin Hope Primary School in Sichuan, and Esperanza de Ana (Ana’s Hope, a foster home for children) in Peru.