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 Bronze prize from“Rising Star Chemistry Challenge”


苏州园区外国语学校IB高中部10和11年级的四名学生在由北京化工大学与英国素质教育发展认证中心(ASDAN)联合承办的全国性化学竞赛赢得铜奖!该竞赛起源于英国皇家化学学会主办的化学竞赛“Top of the Bench”,至今已有20多年历史。为了适应中国国际学校的学生水平和组织形式,举办方对赛制和试题进行改编,并由英国皇家化学学会与北京化工大学联合命题与评审,共同认证。自2015年引进中国以来,来自全国300多所重点中学和国际学校的累计超过11000名同学参加过该项赛事。园外的四位同学,许愿,闫景涵,彭俊豪与杨朕组成的队伍在1145支队伍, 4500名学生中脱颖而出,获得全国前35%的好成绩,被授予铜奖!

Fourstudents from Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School IB Division wereawarded the Bronze Prize at the Rising Star China Chemistry Challenge. Hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry,the oldest chemistry competition "Top of the bench" is also the most prestigious in the UK. Adapting the contest to meet the needs of Chinese students, the RSC along with ASDAN China is introducing "Rising Star Chemistry Competition China (RSC3)” based on the "Top of the Bench" competition structure and rules. This competition is academically organized and judged by RSC and the results are fully recognized by the RSC. More than11000 students from different regions have already attended this competition since 2015. These four SIPFLS students, Minorin, Karen, Frank and Woody stand out from the competition, which more than 1145 team and over 4500 candidates took part in. With the top 35% ranking result among so many competitors, they won the Bronze prize. 



他们的优异成绩除了自身的努力之外,也离不开三位化学老师的辛勤付出。赛前两个月,IB高中部化学组冯琳琳,徐嘉琪和付学坚三位老师利用晚自习时间为参加比赛的同学进行每周三次的密集培训,分析往年赛题,制定参赛策略。共有12位来自10和11年级学生组成的3支队伍参加了比赛,他们分别是11年级的许愿,闫景涵,张逸凡,Anthony Ewan Bolton,孙童言,唐灿, 以及10年级的彭俊豪,杨朕壹,张珺仪,朱韵霖,俞悦,施真睿。同学们在此次比赛过程中发挥团队精神,互相配合,互相鼓励,体现了苏州园区外国语IB国际高中部学子积极进取,力争佳绩的精神风貌!


Beside their individual efforts, their great progress is also owing tothe supportoftheir chemistry teachers. Before the competition, chemistry teachers provided intensive training sessions ,such as developing the strategy plans and analyzing the previous questions during the evening study time . Three groups made up of 12 students from Y11 and Y10took part in this competition. They are Mimorin, Karen, Anthony, Sandra, Tony and Andy from Y11, and Frank, Woody, Judy, Valentina, Jamie, Loui from Y10. Although eight of them were not awarded this time, their performance and efforts were also impressed. Welldone and congratulations to all the students who took part in RSC!