SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners Events

Areal Kazakh encounter!

哈萨克斯坦NIS 学校的到访交流之行

After 4 years of online collaboration, we finally met with teachers and students from Nazarbaryev  Intellectual School (NIS), in the flesh! On 9th MarchPrincipal Joel Seow and teacher MsCanika met MsBegaimAdilkhanovaand MrDauletAkhmetovand their 10 students at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to accompany them to SIPFLS. After settling in to their dormitories and a welcome lunch, the students were promptly whisked away by Y10 and Y9 parents for their weekend homestay.

在经过与哈萨克斯坦NIS学校四年的在线课程交流合作之后,终于,在2019年开学伊始之际,三月九日中午,苏州工业园区外国语学校IBDP校长Joel Seow先生以及许灿老师在上海虹桥机场迎来了在由哈萨克斯坦NIS校方老师BegaimAdilkhanovaDauletAkhmetov带领下的十名哈萨克斯坦学生。在辗转安顿好之后,哈萨克斯坦学生们享受了一顿学校安排的丰盛午餐,之后哈萨克斯坦的学生们分别和九年级以及十年级的几位学生家长们一起回到寄宿家庭中,欢度周末。

The 7 Y9 students and 3 Y10 students, each hosted by their host families, spent the weekend touring the signature places of interest. The guests were able to sample Chinese, and specifically Suzhou cuisine.


In the morning, our guests had their first taste of Chinese dormitory life and breakfast and joined our students for a full day of lessons and activities, including morning reading time and evening self-study sessions.Over the week, they attended lessons



In the Y10English class, students explored the theme of identity and dress code in The Hunger Games.MsBegaim had the opportunity to co- teach one of these sessions.


The Y9 English class had a roaring time celebrating love poems with students enthusiastically took to the task of composing their own love poems and reading them aloud.



The Y10 Music class was all about world music and an introduction to the respective music of Kazakhstan and China, and improvising together.


Visual Art视觉艺术课

In Visual Art class, Y9 students were introduced to “What is VA?”, whilst Y10 students explored Printmaking techniques.



Brand loyaltywas the theme of Y9 and Y10 classes, and students were encouraged to think about brand development and advertising tactics in the real world.



Students identified factors of production from orange juice to cars, and shared about Chinese and Kazakh currency. 



Y10 students explored Kinetic theory by analysing the mechanics of car crashes, and games and quizzes. Over at Y9, students had some illuminating moments analyzing the various types of Force.



Focusing on Chinese culture,Y9 students shared typical Suzhou cuisine with their Kazakh friends, and spent their time doing traditional paper cuts, while the Y10s were introduced to the culture of chopsticks, Chinese songs and multiple perspectives of China.



Students pored over Probability through diagrams and an investigation of “The Monty Hall” problem.


Essential Studies核心探究课

Students were invited to consider the role of memory and the possibility of mistakes in memory.


Beyond the confines of the classroom, our Kazakh students also had a taste of the extra-curricular activities. The first day was immersion into House Games, where all students are divided into different house teams, Lion, Kingfisher, Eagle and Dolphin to compete in friendly matches.


For the next few days, our Kazakh counterparts had the option of selecting from a number of CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) clubs, from Fitness to Badminton to Football.


Cooking Club members and teacher advisors worked shoulder –to- shoulder to help prepare Samsa, a Kazakh dish led by MsBegaim and her students. The product – 40 mouthwateringsamsas for all to savour!

烹饪俱乐部成员和老师们肩并肩地一起帮忙准备Samsa,这是一道由Begaim老师和她的学生们主导制作的哈萨克当地菜。最终成品- 40个令人垂涎三尺的samsas,供大家品尝!

Farewell Ceremony欢送仪式

All too soon, the week came to a close with the Farewell ceremony. With SIPFLS Principal Ms Rowena Liu, IB Principal Joel Seow andVice director of IB division Mr. Jacky Zhang in attendance, our Kazakh friends performed items with their teacher MsBegaim , and gave a presentation on their school, while our Y9 students reciprocated with a few items. This was followed by mutual sharing of their experiences by student representatives, and gift exchange and photo taking, with promises of future collaboration.

美好的时光总是如此短暂!哈萨克斯坦师生们一周的交流学习很快就以告别仪式结束了。在学校副校长刘栋艳女士, IB萧校长和国际高中部副主任张峰的陪同下,哈萨克斯坦的学生们和他们的老师Begaim女士一起表演了节目,并介绍了他们的学校。我们九年级学生也表演了一些节目。随后,学生代表们互相分享了他们的经历,并交换了礼物和照片,并承诺未来进行更多的合作。