SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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IB International High School Self-Reliance Camp


Stepping outside the classroom and into Muku farm for a week can be a daunting experience for many students. On 24th Feb (Sunday), the IB year 10 students arrived at the Muku farm and were warmly welcomed by the people working there. They had an orientation around the farm and were fascinated by the facilities at the farm.


Over the next few days, the students worked together in teams to develop basic self-management and life skills such as tidying their rooms, serving at meal times and cooking. Students rose to the challenge and recognised the need to look after themselves, each other and their environment. Teachers and staff were impressed as students stepped out of their comfort zones to scrub toilet bowls, mop the floor and clean the windows meticulously.


In the mornings, students went for elective Chinese cultural courses such as floral arrangement, carpentry, tea appreciation and a fragrances workshop and developed a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture as part of their preparation to be ambassadors of the Chinese culture when they go overseas to study in the future. They also continued to work on their school projects and attended lessons.


The Muku farm stay was a unique time filled with many firsts– the first time they smoked meat, the first time they planted potatoes, the first time they plucked leaves of vegetables fresh off the plants, the first time they picked strawberries, and/or the first time they planned and cooked an entire meal on their own. They connected with nature and grew in appreciation of the hard work that went behind each ingredient and meal brought to the table. 


Overall, the students enjoyed this new-found independence, displayed an adventurous, risk-taking spirit and gained valuable hands-on experiences in farming, woodwork, cooking and other skills that they would not otherwise have learned in the city and classroom.