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SIPFLS High School IB Second Annual IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition

For the visual art students in the IB international high school, the visual art exhibition is the crystallization of their three hardworking years for artistic exploration and pursuit, as well as a platform for them to interact with the audience and introduce themselves. On March 25, suzhou industrial park foreign language school held the second graduation exhibition of visual arts students.



Before our exhibition on the 25th of March, theexhibition hallwas packed with our IBDP year 12 Visual Arts students, diligently hoisting up their artworks that they have been working on during  the last three years. Their artworks were as vibrant as their imagination; the mere short week of demonstration does not do justice for the time they have spent preparing the work. They made good use of mediums including Chinese Painting, Digital Painting, Print making, Installation art, tailored fashion statements and many more to express the stories and passion that inspires their creations.




4 visual arts students from Y 12 sharedtheir learning experience and understanding of the visual arts courseontheopeningceremony.Amidst the eventful exhibition, IB Visual Arts students gave out detailed and interesting insights regarding their art works to our guests.