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The way leads to world top universities


On April 12, 2019, SIPFLS invited Ms. Hua Qian, Ms. Shuang Zhou and Dr. Yugui Guo to give a lecture about university application to year 9 and year 10 students and their parents. The lecture mainly included three parts: the road to world top universities, English learning for studying abroad, and American universities and education.



Firstly, Ms. Qian from the SIPFLS university application counseling center introduced the situation of recent-year application. She encouraged students and their parents that they should have confidence and ambition to apply the world top universities since students in SIPFLS have advantages in academic courses, activities and English environment. SIPFLS has gratified achievements in receiving offers from world top universities and hopes to help more students to access there. Based on Mr Qian’s nearly 20 years experience on university application, she gave the audiences four suggestions: target clearly, prepare early, select wisely, and follow up insistently.



Then, Ms. Zhou, the vice principal of Beiya International English Institution, talked about the importance of standardized English test as well as the timing and method to learning for that. She specified the distinction between two main-stream English test, TOEFL and IETLS, and explained how to choose between them with respective to students’ targets and English level.



After that, Dr. Guo, the academic principal of SIPFLS, gave a speech on U.S. universities and education. He discussed the source of U.S. civilization, the history of university education regime, the relationship between university education and students’ life development, and different types of U.S. universities. He ended today’s lecture in warm applause.



Through listening today’s sharing, the audiences are clearer on how to start their future study plan and what they need to prepare at different phases of high school. Wish all the SIPFLS students could enter an ideal university!