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Hello, I am Sun-Young Park (Gabriela) from IB year 12. Until now, I got offers from Manchester University, King’s College London, University of Warwick.

朴敏擎收到了帝国理工大学, 伦敦大学学院, 伦敦国王学院, 爱丁堡大学,曼彻斯特大学和 国立首尔大学的预录取通知书。

My name is Min-kyung Park. I hope to study biochemical engineering in the future. I have got offers from Imperial College, UCL, KCL, University of Edinburgh, Manchester and Seoul National University so far.




在10年级的云南支教中,孩子们困难的处境让我感受到了经济的重要性。于是,我决定今后在国际组织工作,希望能够打破贫困的恶循环,之后就进行了相关学习。在11年级,我参加了NEC全美经济竞赛并进入了中国决赛,也在Financial Turbo Club的支持下组织了经济比赛。希望在大学可以更加深入学习并实现我的梦想。

During the Yunnan education service trip in year 10, I saw children’s suffering and realized the importance of economics. Therefore, I decided my dreams of working at international organizations to break the poverty cycle. In Grade 11, I participated in National Economics Challenge from SKT education and got into the China final round. Also, I organized a school economics competition with the help of Financial Turbo Club and hope to learn more professional knowledge at the University. 


Other than studying hard and achieving the highest scores, I took the role as a leader in various activities. I was the vice-president of the Student Council, leader of Recycling club, director of Talent Show, MC of World Book Day and so on. During these experiences, I learnt the way to collaborate with teachers and students as well as lead an activity successfully. When I was a recycling club leader, I led members to give a speech to kindergarten, primary and middle school students. Also, when other schools’ principals visited the school, I gave a detailed briefing about our activity. As a result, we donated 160 thousand pencils to the poor areas and won “Three-star club” by Suzhou local education organization. 


Moreover, I love travelling. Except for the Yunnan’s education trip and Thailand service trip in the school, I also went to Inner Mongolia with my best friends in high school and many cities in Korean and Japan with my families. After graduation, I will even challenge myself to visit the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region with friends. 


我认为IB课程教会我最多的是如何当一个自主的学习者。在十年级的时候,老师会给我们提供一些有关的网站,让我们去做更多的调查。刚开始学习化学时,我对化学并不感兴趣。但是通过做一些网站调查,写小论文等方式,我慢慢开始了解其中奥妙。在IB课程的基本理念与科学老师们的帮助下,我从一个比较擅长理科的学生变成了有梦想有追求全面发展的学生。在SAT2 数学 2和生物中都取得了较为满意的成绩,我也很享受学习、与朋友们分享、讨论的过程。

I believe what IB taught me most is to be an independent learner. When I was in Year 10, our teachers told us lots of websites related to science to do more survey, especially for Chemistry. I didn’t have strong interest at first, but through surfing those websites, I gradually found the science fascinating, especially the one related with human. After that, I changed my Japanese course to Sports Science and started to self-study SAT2 Biology. In these three years of life, I have been enjoying my school life by sharing my ideas with friends and learning from my peers. 

我在CAS的活动分支里选择的是Adventure Club(冒险团)。在Club里,我们组员一起商量活动安排,按计划进行活动。由于我们的活动大部分在校外进行,我们每次活动都会写一份关于人员分配、具体活动、期望收获、所有安全隐患、解决方案、附近医疗设施的计划案。我作为队长,主要负责开会,人员分工并且把计划给老师们和校长审核。这让我学会如何跟同学们交流、跟老师们沟通并且引导整个社团。我成功组织了爬山,室内攀岩,划皮划艇、露营等活动,我们社团也成为了学校内最大的运动社团。

As for the activity in CAS, I chose Adventure Club. In the club, we needed to set up and write plans on our own and the decide what to do according to the plans. The plans included labor division, detailed information, the purposes, all the safety issues, solutions and adjacent hospitals since most our activities were carried out outside school. As a team leader, I was taking charge of meeting, labor division and examinations through supervisors and our principal. During these processes, I learned how to communicate with teachers and students as well as how to lead a club. By last year, our team has already done activities such as hiking, indoor climbing, canoeing and camping.


Overall, I firmly believe IB course makes me a better person and develop in multi-ways. 






●三门核心课程: 认识论(TOK),专题论文(EE),创造、活动与服务(CAS)  






苏州工业园区外国语学校国际文凭大学预科项目(IBDP)创办于2015年9月, 2018年6月迎来的首届毕业生,被全部授予IB全文凭,最高分达到了40分!同比2018年IB全球考生的77.71%的通过率,本届IB考生的通过率高达100%。虽然本届IB学子的中考成绩仅有29%在600-644分之间,其余59%在560-600分之间,但是这样的成果更进一步证明了园外IB课程的高度价值所在。