SIPFLS IB DIVISION High School Programme
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The graduation ceremony of SIPFLS IB high school started at 2 P.M. 31st, May 2019. Students and teachers from IB department and directors from other departments and presidents of the school attended the ceremony to witness the important moments of Y12.

毕业典礼在温情的校园生活回顾视频中拉开了序幕,大家仿佛回到了3年前,再次看到同学们入学时那些稚嫩的脸庞,感慨万千。毕业了, 到了该说再见的时刻。

The ceremony started with a video of memories of Y12, which brought everyone back to 3 years ago. How time flies! It is time to say goodbye.


Executive Principal Pan gave the opening address. Mr. Pan expressed his congratulations to students on their success in being enrolled into their dream universities. In his moving and heartfelt speech Mr. Pan also expressed his wish that all graduates can make right choices in their life and study in the coming future.


Mr. Pan’s speech was followed by an address from IB Principal Mr. Seow . Mr.Seow told a moving story of a young learner who worked hard and made the most of the opportunities that came his way. Mr. Seow wished all the students a happy and joyful future.


Then came a speech given by the students’ representatives, Kila Shen and David Xiao, shared their memories of the past 3 years and expressed their gratitude to teachers. 

This was followed by a speech by parent representative Mrs Ino, mother of Isshin.Ino She expressed deep appreciation for the hard work put in by  the teachers over the years and recounted a telephone conversation with the Principal which left an indelible impression on her. Strongly endorsing the Principal’s ethos of “education with a heart”, she shared how he had transformed her own concept of education by helping her to see that as a parent, she should work alongside her child to realize his dream. Isshin’s fulfillment of his childhood dream at this milestone is testament to the effectiveness of the quality of his instruction while in high school, and more importantly, reflects its essence.


更让欣慰的是,11年级的纪燕婷、刘欣怡和严书航同学以及12年级的杨凌同学倾情献唱《see you again 》。10年级同学也以一首原创诗朗诵《毕业》表达了深切的不舍之情。

The program included wonderful performances by Y10 and Y11 students. Lily Ji, Victoria Liu, Charlotte Yen and York Yang wowed the audience with their version of “See you again”. This was followed by “Graduation”, an original poem composed and performed by year 10 to express their blessings to Y12.


At last, all graduates sang a song together to express their gratitude to parents, teachers, classmates and the school.


We hope all graduates have a bright future with what they learned from IB. SIPFLS will serve as their strongest backup forever.