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Bake to bond – DIY cup cakes

On 19 Nov, the IB class had their first taste of bonding through baking. For most, this was a maiden attempt at DIY baking, an enjoyable, if somewhat initially disorienting, foray into separating egg white from yolk, folding a batter of melted butter and flour into a mixture of lemonade, egg white and castor sugarinstead of the normal Sodium hydrogencarbonate recipe. It is whisking for the l-o-n-g-e-s-t time before pouring the final combination into an array of colourful plastic wraps for transfer into a mini preheated oven. Ms Angela Choi valiantly and calmly instructed a class of wide-eyed but vigilant students, assisted by Ms Kiki Sun and several other teachers.  It was gratifying to witness the teamwork, leadership and resourcefulness displayed our young budding bakers, especially their persistence and patience in whisking the second mixture into the desired ‘stiff peak’ consistency. Their efforts finally paid off when they were able to savour the fruit of their labour in the form of mocha and original flavoured mini cup cakes in a range of sizes and texture. Well done, IB!


对于大多数人而言,这是他们第一次尝试烘焙DIY,虽然开始的时候有点忙乱,但是整个过程令人非常愉悦。同学们首先把蛋清从蛋黄中分离出来,然后将柠檬水与蛋清混合来代替普通的碳酸氢钠配方(小苏打),再把融化的黄油面糊倒进去。经过长时间搅拌,大家再把面粉混合物倒进五彩的小纸杯,最后才能放进迷你烤箱进行烘焙。整个过程中,同学们显得既好奇又紧张,Angela Choi老师有条不紊地指导他们一步步完成烘焙过程,Kiki老师和其他一些老师也参与进来一同协助。


功夫不负有心人,最终同学们都品尝到了自己的劳动果实:一样大小的抹茶味或者原味的纸杯蛋糕!IB, 好样儿的!