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For you ,a thousand times over --Follow-up report on Intercultural Day


Do you remember the IB Intercultural Day event before Christmas last year? This international exchange event allowed students to deepen their understanding of cultures in 17 countries through the different cuisines and unique costumes of different countries.


At the same time, with the generous support of parents and sponsors, we have raised 10300 RMB for the Greenway School in Sanlong, Cambodia, 2000RMB for Suzhou Industrial Park Social Affairs Bureau,2000 RMB for the Changjiang Civilian Education Foundation, 2000 RMB for the Dongqi Shi Xiaolin Hope Primary School in Daliangshan, Sichuan and 2000 RMB for Anna’s Hope in Peru.


During the past six months, we have received certificates of appreciation from various organizations. Dongqi Shixiaolin Hope Primary School in Daliangshan, Sichuan used the donation to purchase an inkjet printer which eased the printing of school documents.


The Greenway School in Sanlong, Cambodia also used the donation to build a new classroom, allowing more local students to have the opportunity to study at school.



Anna’s Hope in Peru used the donation to provide healthy and nutritious food for children.



活动已经过去半年了,爱心还在全世界各地延续。国际文化日活动让爱心无国界,拉近心与心之间的距离。再次感谢爱心人士的大力支持, 山水有相逢,期待再会!

The event happened about six months ago but the love continues to spread throughout the world. The Intercultural Day event allows love to go beyond the borders and brings the world closer to us. Thanks again to the generous support and love of many individuals. Let’s look forward to the next gathering!