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IB High school New semester staff professional development


七月流火,2019年 8月22日-8月27日,IB全体员工经过暑假调整以后,重回工作岗位,参加了为期4天的新学期培训。

After the baking July, IB staffs have returned to work after summer holiday adjustment. They attended the 4 days new semester professional development from 22nd to 27th August, 2019.

培训以介绍新员工开始,IB萧校长分享了自己的教学理念以及对新学期的美好展望。全体教师认真反思总结了上学年的工作并回顾初心,树立了新的努力方向。EE 协调员和TOK 协调员以及CAS 协调员分就各自领域,进行了深入浅出的分享。各位老师积极思考,认真发问,收获颇丰。

 Starting with introducing new staffs, IB principal Mr. Seow shared his teaching philosophy and looked ahead to a wonderful semester. All IB teachers reflected on the last academic year’s work and summarized it earnestly. The new effort direction has been set with restropection of our originality. EE, TOK, and CAS coordinators explained the profound knowledge of each core area in simple terms. Every teacher had a rewarding time with active thinking and questioning mind.


培训的第二部分重点关注了新学期的IB 校历,各个部门的主要人员分配和主要职责所在。各个学科组新学期的教学计划和测试安排。全体员工有序安排各项工作。各个活动有条不紊。

The second session of the training mainly focused on the new semester’s IB calendar and workflow. It allocated roles to staff within different departments and further clarified job responsibilities. Everyone is engaged in various activities in an orderly way. 


Since "preparedness ensures success and unpreparedness spells failure", we firmly believe that all IB staffs will be more confident in welcoming the brand new semester.