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Action Louder than Words—— The “Environment” Scientific Research of IB Grade 12


2019年8月28日至30日,Y12 IB学生开展了物理、化学、体育锻炼、健康科学等学科的科学研究活动。

From 28th to 30th August 2019, Y12 IB students held a Science research event spanning subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Sports Exercise and Health Science, etc.


Topics ranged from the impact of the greenhouse effect on the earth’s temperature, the connection between the environment and food calorie count, to the link between air quality and human heart rate. Their endeavours show that students have successfully grasped these essential scientific concepts and are able to integrate them with daily life.


One example was heating up a flask containing soil and plant and comparing it with another empty heated flask in order to explore the impact of the greenhouse effect on global warming. Another interesting study involved a survey of the extent to which different mineral composites in water causes health issues, and how to apply filtering methods to increase the level of water safety.      


The projects enhanced their collaborative skills both among their own team members, and across teams. Students had very good opportunities to improve their interpersonal skills as well as increase their knowledge. As they were required to present their findings at the close of the 3-day event, this provided an opportunity to hone their oral skills as well.


The IB curriculum is distinguished by its experiential learning approach. This task encourages students to appreciate the applicational significance of science, understand the limitations of scientific research, enhance their team spirit and hone their project- management skills. The 3 days of scientific research work have done much to raise their awareness of the social and moral issues related to environmental change, as well as enabled the students to directly experience some of the difficulties encountered in the process of research and experiments. This helps them to keep abreast of the latest scientific and technological methods, and inspires them to improve their research skills.