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The infectious power of Arts


Music is an indispensable ingredient of life, and thus also play a significant role in education and our campus culture. On the morning of 9th October 2019, IB teachers and all students from IB Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 not only enjoyed a splendid classical music performance in the auditorium, but also discussed the meaning of Art in life.

音乐是生活中不可缺少的一部分,因此在教育和校园文化中也扮演着重要的角色。2019109号上午,IB国际高中老师和IB 10年级、11年级、12年级的同学们不仅在大礼堂欣赏了精彩的古典音乐表演,还讨论了艺术在生活中的意义。


The assembly opened with a performance of Mozart’s trio K.498 by Year 11 Music student Jasmin Zhang, IB Music teacher Ms. Claire Lee, and our guest, Mr. Edmund Huang, a graduate from the prestigious University for Music and Performing Arts Graz, and the Vienna Conservatory. The audience were immersed in the graceful melody. Mr. Edmund played the viola, and the sound was thick, warm and rich, while Ms. Claire, a Buffet Crampon Young Artist, played the clarinet, alluring the audience with her melodious and mellow sound. Jasmin Zhang played the piano in the trio, and the three diverse sounds were interwoven, graceful, dreamlike, and brisk at times. The musical ideas sometimes passed from one instrument to another, as though they were conversing playfully. It was a wonderful feast for the ears.

音乐会以11年级音乐系学生张芊芊,IB国际高中音乐教师Claire Lee女士和我们的嘉宾,来自著名的格拉茨音乐表演艺术大学和维也纳音乐学院的Edmund Huang先生共同演奏莫扎特的K.498三重奏开始,观众沉浸在优美的旋律中。埃德蒙先生演奏中提琴,声音浑厚、温暖而丰富,而年轻的艺术家克莱尔女士演奏单簧管,用她悠扬圆润的声音吸引着观众。在三重奏中,张芊芊弹奏了钢琴,这三种不同的声音交织在一起,时而优美,时而梦幻,时而轻快。音乐的思想有时从一种乐器传到另一种乐器,好像在开玩笑似的。这是一场美妙的听觉盛宴。


After the performance, Mr. Chen Yu, our IB TOK teacher held an interesting and insightful discussion about four topics related to the Arts: Criticism in Arts, Artistic Freedom, Relevance of Classics in Modern Life, and Art and the passing of Time. Some students also joined the discussion and shared their opinions. Our IB teachers, Ms. Li Mengxue and Ms. Fay Donovan also expressed their own views on Arts. Ms. Donovan concluded that Arts allows us to experience life and that life would be meaningless if no forms of Art can be created or participated in; Art has always and will always be significant and valuable to life!

表演结束后,IB国际高中TOK课程陈宇老师,带领大家就艺术的四个主题展开了一场饶有趣味而又不失深度的讨论:1.艺术中的对与错;2.艺术与自由;3.观念与古典;4.艺术与时间。部分学生也分享了自己对于这个话题的看法和见解。IB国际高中李梦雪老师和Fay Donovan老师也分享了对艺术的见解。最后Ms. Donovan老师得出了结论:艺术让我们体验生活,如果没有任何形式的艺术可以创造或参与,生活将毫无意义;艺术对生活一直都是有意义和价值的!