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2019-2020 IBDP First Semester Parent-Teacher Conference

孩子的成长,离不开学校和家庭的通力合作。为了加强家校之间的紧密联系,苏州工业园区外国语学校IB国际高中于1115日开展了本学期的第一次家长会。此次家长会展示了学校良好的校风校貌,同时也让家长能更进一步地了解学校的教育理念和教学方法,真正实现了家校携手、协同育人的目标。家长会分为上午(10年级)和下午(11年级)两场。家长会上,IB国际高中副校长Mr. Murdoch对家长们的到来表示了诚挚的欢迎,并对本学期以来的各项学习活动和本次期中考试的考试结果向家长做了简短汇报。总体来说,学生在本次考试中成绩良好,进步明显。Mr. Murdoch同时也指出,学校会竭尽全力为每位IB学生创造优质的学习环境。IA课程负责老师Ms. Vicky给所有IA家长分享了成绩报告的组成、成绩分布情况以及课程设置等内容。

Parent-teacher conferences are an extremely important part of the two-way communication between parents and teachers for the growth of children. For the purpose of getting know each other more, first Semester Parent-Teacher Conference of SIPFLS IB department was held on the 15th of November 2019, from 8:30 to 11:30 am. (year 10) and from 1:00 to 3:30 pm. (year 11). Conferences are also a place for parents to understand school’s educational philosophy and work together with school. At the beginning of the event, Mr. Murdoch, Vice President of the IB Department, expressed his sincere welcome to the parents with a brief speech about students’ performance for this half term. Overall, students scored well in this exam and made significant progress. Mr. Murdoch also declares that the school will do its utmost to create a quality learning environment for every student. After that, Ms. Vicky Miao introduced IA curriculum and transcripts composition to IA parents.


After the sharing speech, parents had one-on-one conversation with students’ subject teachers who were located in the separated classrooms. By analyzing midterm exam papers, teachers helped parents to understand what their children are experiencing and learning at school, and what students should do to make further improvements.


Chemistry Teacher



Chinese Teacher


Physics Teacher


English Teacher


Business Teacher


Maths Teacher


TOK Teacher


Visual Art Teacher


For year 10 students, they need to adapt to the teaching with English as the medium of instruction (EMI). We hope that, with the joint efforts of teachers and parents, grade 10 students could make rapid progress. For year 11 students, this is the first year of their formal IB study, which means assessments have become stricter. We hope they could constantly reflect on their learning and build a solid foundation for year 12.


The purpose of this parents-teacher conference is to create a good communication platform to help students improve their learning experience and make further progress. Together, we can help students have a great school year.