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A Spectacular Ceremony- The First IB International High School Sports Games


The students of IB department in SIP Foreign Language School not only work hard in their studies, and also release their youthful vitality and passion in extracurricular life. On 27 November 2019, the award ceremony was held for young athletes who won first IB International High School Sports Games in the spacious and bright auditorium of SIPFLS.


This sports games conclude basketball match, 4*100 relay, 100m, 800m race and long jump. Although winter is coming, the cold weather has not dampened the spirit of students. On the red track, the athletes sprinted just like a cheetah; in the 4*100 relay race, athletes cooperated with each other, fighting for their victory; in basketball competition, players are all full of energy, attacking and defending with each possession. The whole competition was very nerve wrecking.


最终,国际高中主任毛海军先生和IB副校长Mr. Murdoch为在每项比赛中获得前三名的班级和学生进行了颁奖。运动场上,学生们青春的气息如同初升的朝阳,蓬勃的力量如同灿烂的阳光,我们期待明年的比赛更加精彩。

In the end, the top three places were selected for each event. Mr. Mao, the Director of IBDP department, and Mr. Murdoch, the Vice-Principal of IB department, presented awards to the winners. All of us have been infected by the spirits of the athletes. Together, let us look forward to a more exciting sports games next year!