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IBDP End of Term Bash

The grade ten IBDP students had a field day on Wednesday, 20th January after they finished their final exams. The IBDP teachers had the party planned well in advance and were ready with all kinds of food and games to entertain the students. First, the students were shown a series of short video clips recorded by the staff giving them Spring Festival greetings, then they had a gift exchange where the students had to open gifts prepared for them and read the little clues attached to guess who the giver was. This was followed by a game in which one student had to pick out who the initiator of certain actions were among a circle of people. There was also time for everyone to enjoy the delicious handmade dishes, snacks and fruits brought by the teachers. On the whole, this end of term bash proved to be a highly successful and fun event and we look forward to another one at the end of next term!


120日,刚刚结束期末考试的IBDP十年级同学举办了一场期末派对联欢,度过了特别愉快的一天。为了这场派对,IBDP老师们事先就做好了安排,准备了各种食品和有趣的游戏,希望学生们好好放松一下。联欢一开始,先播放了一段老师们在学校年会上表演的小咖秀,然后同学们之间开始互换礼物。同学们一个个上去拆开礼物,读出贴在上面小提示, 再猜是究竟谁为他准备了这样的礼物。随后,大家又一起玩了“皇帝和刺客”游戏,他们围坐在教室,由另一个同学从中猜出谁是里面第一个做动作的人。同时,大家还一起都分享了美食,有手工做的食品、小吃还有一些水果,这都是老师们特地准备的。总之,期末派对联欢办得很成功而且还很有趣,让我们一起期待下一个期末派对吧!