SIPFLS IB DIVISION High School Programme
Learning Corners Events


In this era of globalization, learning about the world is more important than ever. No matter what field or profession students enter, they will interact with people from different countries and diverse backgrounds. Problems taking place halfway around the globe impact our lives, our country, and our communities. Model United Nations (MUN) activities provide a good platform to help contemporary youth better integrate into the international community.



The annual United Ambassadors Model United Nations Conference 2019 was organised at The United Nations Office at Geneva (Switzerland). 10 students from the IB department of SIPFLS participated in the conference as country delegates.



They are:


Andrew - Security Council A

Anny - Security Council B

Betty - Security Council B


Krystal - General assembly

Diana - Security Council B

Danny - Security Council A

Vivian - General Assembly

Emily - Council for Status of Women

Janey - Council for Status of Women

Suki - Security Council B



王承俊 — 安全理事会A

张君和 — 安全理事会B

贝思阅 — 安全理事会B


杨奕晨 — 联合国大会

凌欣 — 安全理事会B

於东轩 — 安全理事会A

沈薛佳 — 联合国大会

邱紫萱 — 妇女委员会

潘佳妮 — 妇女委员会


This was the first when students from Suzhou City were participating in a MUN at the United Nations. In this conference, more than 200 High school and university students from around 50 countries took part.



Students learn about the world as they prepare for Model UN conferences, represent countries other than their own, and present possible solutions to global problems in committees. Students also learn by meeting people from other countries and travel to places they’ve never been before.



Mr. Kamal and Ms. Anna have been training and preparing the team for this international conference. The students were divided into different councils and committees in order to discuss multiple global issues. The students worked hard for this event and performed well.



The United Nations Officials and Organiser United Ambassadors appreciated the efforts of the students and facilitated them with participation certificates.



The complete program was divided into two events.

1. UN4MUN workshop: 27Nov. - 28 Nov.

2. MUN Conference: 29 Nov. - 02 Dec.

The workshop was designed to train students about the functions and procedures of United Nations while the conference aimed to simulate its various councils.


1、 模拟联合国培训:11月27日-11月28日

2、 模拟联合国会议:11月29日-12月2日



During the trip, the students visited some other places with great gains like Lausanne Hotel Management Institute, United Nations Councils, International University in Geneva, Lake Geneva, De La Poste Genève, Christmas Market etc.


This was a great opportunity for our students to gain exposure to events beyond the classroom and to interact with their peers from other parts of the world. A great boost to ATL and LPA skills!