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我们一起走过的2019—IB house 活动

Overlook of House Activities of 2019 Semester One


The House Activity was founded by the IB principal, Joel and aims to provide students from Y10 to Y12 with the opportunity to collaborate and get to know each other. During the activity, all students were divided into four Houses: Eagle, Dolphin, Lion and Kingfisher. Each House has its representative colour and mascot. Every Monday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, all the students will gather at the playground or gymnasium, and conduct House activities under the guidance of Mr. Charles, Ms. Kiki and some volunteer teachers. Let's review the exciting moments of students this semester.


活动1 破冰游戏

Game 1 Icebreaking Games



The activity for the first week was icebreaking game called ‘blind game’ for the new Y10 students to get familiar with their teammates from Y11 and Y12. This game required the help of a companion to find the right member and call out his/her name. Everyone was beaming happily throughout the game.

活动2 团队游戏

Game 2 Teamwork Games




In the following weeks, House carried out activities such as tug-of-war and stepping stones (mats) crossing the river. To succeed in the event, members needed to cooperate with each other, care for each other, and take full advantage of their strengths.

活动 3 体能游戏

Game 3 Fitness Building Games



After the long National Holiday, the weather turned cold. House's teachers and the captain of each group designed and organized the lead of glory and four physical games. In the lead of glory, each member needed to complete his task within a fixed time, and try to set aside as much time as possible for the team members to help the team get higher scores. In the four physical games, students needed to think creatively to solve puzzles and turn iron rings (a traditional Chinese toy). Though the students sweat a lot in the game, they are filled with joy.

活动4 小型运动会

Game 4 Sports Game



In addition, team leaders and some team members of each group received professional air volleyball training this semester. After the training, they passed on the skills and knowledge to other students. Through these practices, students' leadership and teamwork skills have been improved.


House games and activities contribute to the healthy development of student’s whole being. In the coming term, IB team shall continue to work together to provide more interesting activities to our students!