SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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To the graduating students of the IB division, Spring has been a herald of good news. To date, six students have received conditional offers from University College London (UCL) which ranks eighth in the QS World University Rankings.


We caught up with each of them over their secret for success.


When Chen Bowen enrolled in the IB International High School of SIPFLS, he had already studied in the United States for three years, which had greatly improved his English ability and laid the foundation for his studies here. When he first joined, he took learning merely as a task. It was his habit to prepare for an exam in the eleventh hour, and his grades were average. He never thought he would be admitted to a world-renowned university. After two years with the IB department, he gradually developed self-discipline and good time management skills. His passion for his course of study was his greatest motivation, and his academic performance steadily improved. He believes that although the three-year education in the US had laid the foundation for his English language, it was the IB course that ignited his thirst for knowledge.


Chen Bowen likes sports very much and is a national second-level athlete. He has also won championships in long jump and running at the IB Sports and Games. He said: "Although the IB course is very stressful, I use my spare time every day to play basketball with my classmates, so that I can strengthen myself physically and this helps to relieve my academic pressure." It is the balance of working and rest that gets him closer to his dream step by step.


Zhu Xiaoyu has been studying in SIPFLS since junior high school. She has good time management skills and is clear about her learning goals from the beginning. In class, she was focused, participated actively in discussions, and took every assignment seriously. At the same time, she was ready to offer constructive suggestions whenever her peers sought clarification over some assignment. Her sterling tefforts have finally paid off with a double offer from UCL!

朱笑雨参加了第三届学生会的竞选,并担任秘书一职,参与组织了学校世界读书日和世界文化日等多项大型活动,并妥善安排yearbook的各项事宜,在这一过程中,她的沟通和协调能力得到了很大的锻炼和提升。朱同学也曾担任charity bazaar社团的leader, 组织社团成员们进行多次下午茶义卖,并将一学期所筹集的4000元人民币全部捐赠给云南山区的孩子,为他们解决学习与生活上的困难,献上了园外的关怀。

She campaigned successfully at the elections for the Third Students’Council and served as its Secretary. She participated in organizing many larger-scale events such as the IB World Book Day and Intercultural Day, and meticulously put together the various sections of the IB Yearbook. In the process, her communication and coordination skills have been greatly improved. She also served as the leader of the Charity Bazaar Club, and organized its members to conduct many afternoon tea bazaars, which raised a total of 4,000 rmb during the course of semester. The whole sum was donated to the children in Yunnan towards alleviating the children’s living and learning conditions.


Zhang Yifan has been studying in SIPFLS since the 10th grade. When he was in junior high school, he had laid a solid foundation for his own science studies. Therefore, he selected Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as his three High-Level courses. When he first started in the IB programme, Zhang Yifan's English scores were not satisfactory and he had difficulties in class. Later, however, he gradually adapted to the English class with the help of his classmates and teachers. He listened carefully during the class and took notes. When he encountered a problem, he asked his teacher and classmates. His tenacity and diligence have paid off and he has finally achieved good results.


Zhang Yifan actively participates in various academic competitions, not to win prizes, but to learn new knowledge and accumulate experience. After two years with the IB department, his English level has been greatly improved, and his self-management ability has also been greatly improved. At the same time, he does his parents proud at home. He actively undertakes housework at home and applies what he learns from Self-reliance Education. He also takes care of his little sister and sets a good example for her.


Xu Yunpeng has been studying in SIFLS since junior high school. His cheerful and outgoing personality, earnest and diligent attitude to learning and doing things, and the outstanding leadership he has demonstrated while participating in various activities, have impressed both teachers and students. Xu is passionate about studying Economics, and enjoys exploring stock investment in his spare time and conducting simulations. In March 2019, he participated in the National Economics Challenge (NEC) in China and performed well. In September of the same year, he also participated in the "National Investment Challenge for Middle School Students" jointly organized by the US-China Economic Association and SKT Education, and with two other students from our school, won the Silver Award for “Best Teamwork”.


Wang Yunlu worked hard and was proactive in the three years with the high school department of SIPFLS. Under the guidance of a professional team of both Chinese and foreign teachers, she achieved excellent results in each discipline, and her progress and growth are particularly outstanding in the subject of Economics. Wang Yunlu, like Xu Yunpeng, participated in the “National Investment Challenge for Middle School Students” jointly sponsored by the US-China Economic Association and SKT Education, and, together with her teammates, clinched the Silver Award for “Best Teamwork”. She said that through this experience, she developed a broader understanding of the methods for analysis of Economic data by integrating theory with practice. At the same time, it helped to train her ability to think independently and cooperate with others. In the spare time, Wang Yunlu enjoys baking, and sharing her culinary delights and the joys of life with family and friends.

史克信同学是园外的“小元老”,从建校就在园外就读,在这里度过了小学、初中、高中三个不同阶段的学习时光。在小学及初中阶段参加的如养活教育等活动,让他锻炼了自我管理能力也活跃了思维。Business Management(商务管理)是史克信最拿手的学科。BM学科需要学生将理论灵活运用于商业案例分析中,它没有一个固定的公式,难度是非常大的。但BM老师凭借她过硬的专业知识,以及多年教学经验,教会了史克信多种解题思路,纠正他的错误,帮助他在学科上取得了很大的提升。

Shi Kexin is a ‘little pioneer” of SIPFLS, having been with the school since its inception. Through primary, middle and high school, he has been participating in activities of Self-reliance Education which have improved his self-management skills and cultivated his critical thinking. Business Management remains his best subject. The  subject requires students to apply theory in a flexible manner to business case studies. Because it does not have a fixed formula, some students may find it a challenge. Ke xin is grateful for the guidance of his Business Management teacher, who drew from the wealth of her strong professional knowledge and years of teaching experience to teach him a variety of problem-solving ideas, corrected his mistakes, and helped him achieve a great improvement in the subject.


Shi Kexin said: ‘The IB department of SIPFLS has a team of highly qualified and professional teachers. Whenever students encounter difficulties in school or life, the teachers will always be there for us, sparing no effort to help us. I will continue to work hard in the future. SIPFLS is like a bridge for students, connecting us to a better future.’


How time flies. Three years of high school programme have culminated in these much- coveted University offers. These signal a new beginning, with fresh challenges ahead. We wish them the very best that University life has to offer and believe that their life ahead will be even more specatacular!