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A Dialogue with Classical Works, an Exploration of Creative Wisdom

                        -IB High School’s 6th World Book Day Event Has Come to an End


2020年10月30日,苏州园区外国语学校IB-AP国际高中部举行了第六届 “世界图书日”活动。今年活动的主题是“选择”。选择如何赋予人生不同的意义?选择如何体现出不同的价值观?选择给人们带来怎样的困惑?同学们通过精彩的表演呈现了缤纷的答卷:“选择会带来多样的经历,把我们带到不同的环境和背景中,塑造我们的生活,并且告诉我们是谁”。“有时是由你自己选择的,但有时你是在为别人选择,因为你身边的人可能会影响你的抉择”。

On October 30th, 2020, the IB-AP High School held its 6th World Book Day event. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Choices’. How does choice affect our lives? How do choices reflect different values?  What confusions can choices cause people? Students answered these poignant questions, coming to the understanding that choices can lead to different experiences that take us down various roads. These experiences shape our lives and who we are. Sometimes we choose for ourselves, but other times, our choices are made for us, through the intervention of others.


There were many forms of performances, including recitations of poetry and prose, classical play adaptations, film dubbing and even singing and dancing performances. Focusing on the theme of ‘choices’, the students explored, adapted and created their works from books, and truly enjoyed their literary journeys.


The wonderful performances left a deep impression on the audience, even as they opened up the worlds presented in the literary works.


The event opened with an English poem by Robert Frost, ‘The Road Not Taken’. The audience was brought into the world of a yellow forest, where two separate roads led the poet to wander and to contemplate. The students’ performance of Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ challenged the audience to ask whether it’s best to tell truth or tell lies. The recitation of Zhen Jian prose performed by teachers and students, led the audience to travel to the Song Dynasty where they could listen to the choices of Dongpo Su and Qiji Xin. IB10 students adapted Joseph von Eichendorff’s work, ‘The Life of a good-for-nothing” and gave voice to ‘useless’ people who follow their dreams.  This play reminded people of the useless big tree in Zhuangzi. The chapter, “Baoyu Receives a Fearful Flogging”, adapted from A Dream of the Red Mansions, saw Baoyu and his father at the crossroads, revealing their difficult choices.


The lovely and enthusiastic film dubbing of Minions and the beautiful melody of Love Story gave the show an entertaining element. All of the WBD performances, whether from classroom teaching or from student interest, were a beautiful representation of multiculturalism, communication and respect for classic literature.


A wonderful performance is impossible with cooperation between the stage, and its supporting help.  The props, lighting, sound and curtain teams cooperated beautifully during this event. Students also designed posters, produced program lists and arranged seating for the WBD activity. Outstanding teamwork was on display in the IB-AP High school department! As stated by ‘Resilience Education’: education should train people to become ones who are capable of solving problems’.

众所周知,世界读书日是4月23日,是西班牙著名作家塞万提斯的祭日,也是戏剧大师莎士比亚的生日。园外 IB-AP国际高中将“世界读书日”活动精心安排,寄寓着对所有同学的殷切期盼:体悟经典,拥抱阅读。

World Book Day, of course, is actually on April 23rd, which is the anniversary of Cervantes’passing and Shakespeare’s birth. However, SIPFLS’s high school celebrates WBD at the beginning of the school year, to stress the ardent expectations that the department has for each student.


IB-AP’s World Book Day event is an annual tradition, erected on the creative platform provided by the school.  It is not only an extension of the IB-AP High School Classroom, but also reflects the integration of IB-AP disciplines and CAS, all while demonstrating the IB Learner Profile. The World Book Day event gives students the opportunity to share their abilities to inquire, take risks, communicate, and so much more! This year’s event has come to a perfect conclusion, but the learning and reflection hardly end here. Let us look forward to next year!