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减少细菌传播 掩鼻喷嚏少触摸

Sleeve sneezing matters


Teachers and students from the SIPFLS IB International High School attended a meaningful lecture on hygiene and health given by Ms. Marie on November 11th, 2020.


First of all, Ms. Marie introduced what germs are and the four ways they spread are through the saliva, touch, food as well as animals and insects. Coughing, sneezing and touching things with dirty hands are the most common ways of spreading. Luckily, we have an immune system to protect us from most of the germs that attack us every moment, but it cannot resist everything. It requires us to use some other methods against the germs. Next, we watched an episode of the scientific experiments. It mainly showed us how many germs a person can spread to his friends in a 30-minute party. The result of the experiment is shocking. If a sick person does not care about his own behavior, any touch may infect people around him! So when you have a cold, you need to wash hands frequently and also try to minimize contact with objects and people, because everything you touched will be contaminated with germs! The germs on the desk may be 400 times more than the germs in the toilet! Therefore, to reduce contact is to reduce the spread of germs.

在接下来的部分,我们了解了咳嗽和打喷嚏的“危险”之处。在打喷嚏的时候,你呼出的细菌可以在空气中传播9米,而咳嗽时,细菌传播得更远,它们可以在空气中停留45分钟之久!如果你打喷嚏不捂住口鼻,那么你就是在告诉身边的人:你不在乎他们的健康。这是很不礼貌的行为。但是,如果你对着自己的手打喷嚏,当你触摸东西时,你依然会将细菌传播到房间各处。所以请大家学会“the sleeve sneeze”(胳膊肘捂住喷嚏)!

The proper ways of coughing and sneezing are really important. When you cough, your germs go even further, and the germs you release can stay in the air for up to 45 minutes! If you sneeze into the air without covering your mouth, you are telling everyone around you that you don’t care if you make them sick. But if you sneeze into your hands, you will still be spreading germs around the room every time you touch anything. Sneezing into your sleeve is the best way to stop your germs from spreading! 



Eating healthily, getting lots of sleep, and avoiding bad food can all help you stay healthier as well. Wearing mask can help stop everyone around you from getting sick too. These small useful tips are really important for everybody, especially in the current climate of fighting the epidemic.

 Sleeve sneezing matters. Let’s start from ourselves to do it now to reduce the spread of germs!