SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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秋霜渐紧 雏鹰试航

Eagles Playing Under the Autumn Sky

——SIPFLS IB-AP国际高中素拓小记

——Report on Activities of SIPFLS IB-AP Students


CAS(创造力、活动和服务)是IB课程的核心课程之一,侧重在学习学科知识外,全面培养学生的创新能力、服务意识和运动能力。紧张的考试周刚落下帷幕, 11年级便组织了一场素质团拓展活动。在学习之余,通过体育运动,强身健体、释放压力,加强团队合作,也更好地了解自己。


CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) is part of the core program in IB. Besides emphasizing on academic excellence, equal importance is placed on developing creative and physical abilities, and instilling a positive service attitude. After an intense week of exams, Year 11 students came together for a team bonding activity. Through CAS, students get a real-life understanding of how society works, and also foster a greater sense of identity.  



The students gathered on the football field in an orderly manner, our teachers led a warm up session to ready them for the fun and excitement coming up!

本次活动主要有三个项目,第一个是“美式腰旗橄榄球”。与正式橄榄球运动相比,腰旗橄榄球规定不允许抱推,若防守方拉下持球进攻球员腰带上的一条腰旗,进攻即被阻止,美式腰旗橄榄球作为一种安全的“非冲撞性”运动,在世界 30 多个国家的青少年中广为流行。

Three exciting games await the students. First, American flag football. The most distinct difference between the traditional American football and  American flag football is that the latter does not allow body contact. The defensive party needs to pull off the tie from the offensive party to stop them. It is a safe and non-impact sports which is popular amongst youths all over the world.


Check out their moves!


The goal of the second game was to cooperate within their teams in order to pull strings to move a ball in the middle from one spot to another. Look how happy they are!


The last game is called “song of cups”. Students learn a series of moves under the instructions of the teacher in order to play the same beat following a song. This challenges their teamwork and coordination abilities.


Time files when you are enjoying yourself. A morning of laughter and fun soon ended. Our students and teachers look forward to the next activity time, where they get to move about and bond with each other!