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The handover ceremony and inauguration ceremony of Student Council of SIPFLS High School


On 17th of November, all the SIPFLS IBDP, IB/AP and SADP students gathered in the auditorium to attend the 5th Election of the Student Council (S.C.). The opening speech given by our S.C. teacher advisor Ms. Sheena helped everyone review the traits and attributes needed for S.C. – the importance of mutual respect and responsibilities voicing for the student body. Following this was our 4th S.C. executive committee (EXCO) sharing session on this one-year experience in the S.C.; personal growth has been made clear by each of them addressing the members of the audience.             

20201117日,苏州工业园区外国语学校IBDPIBAPSADP国际高中第五届学生会选举在学校艺术厅隆重举行。学生会指导教师Ms. Sheena致词并回顾学生会成员的特质和贡献——相互尊重和对学生团体的责任心。接下来,第四届学生会成员分享过往一年的经验,他们每个人都强调了在学生会工作中获得的成长和收获。

This year also witnessed a fierce competition among four candidates running for their positions. Wonderful speeches were presented one by one, exhibiting candidates’ confidence and talents, fully demonstrating their comprehensive qualities and personalities. Future plans, events and activities were also introduced showing their determination in putting words into action. 



After the speech, there was a question and answer (Q-A) session. The audience actively participated and threw out sharp questions. The candidates also gave their answers patiently and seriously such as how to better manage the use of mobile phones in school. At the end, all the teachers and students voted privately under the help of teachers and 4th S.C. members.


On the 2nd of December, all the IBDP, IB/AP and SADP students gathered in the auditorium to attend the 5th Inauguration Ceremony of the Student Council (S.C.). The ceremony was held in the presence of our Principal, Mr. Joel Seow, Director of High School Mr. Oscar Mao as well as teachers and students of IBDP, IB/AP and SADP. It was an honor to have our teacher advisor of the S. C. Ms. Sheena to give the speech.  

122日,国际高中IBDPIBAPSADP的所有学生聚集在礼堂,参加第五届学生会成立仪式。高中校长Mr. Joel Seow、主任Mr. Oscar Mao、以及全体师生出席,学生会指导教师Ms. Sheena致词。


During the ceremony, the new S.C. executive committee (EXCO) Amy Yao, the Administration Director; Diana Ling, the Relation Director; Candice Jiang, the Secretary and Sabrina Zhang, the Student Affairs, were presented with the Student Council badges by the incumbent executive committee: the President, Vice President and the Secretary of the 4th S.C. Abby Sun, Vicki Lu and Alex Sun. That moment signified the beginning of a new student leader group and the completion of their term of office for the 4th batch of S.C. All the new members were sworn-in and promised to discharge their responsibility to the best of their abilities as members of the S.C. This solemn moment was witnessed by all the members of IBDP, IB/AP and SADP present.        

经民主投票决议,Amy Yao任行政会长,Diana Ling任外联会长,Candice Jiang任秘书,Sabrina Zhang任学生事务负责人,由现任学生会主席Abby Sun、副主席Alex Sun和秘书Vicki Lu授予新学生会成员徽章。这一刻标志着第四届学生会的圆满落幕和新一届学生会的起航。所有新学生会成员都宣誓就职,承诺努力履行自己的责任。IBDPIBAPSADP的全体成员都见证了这一庄严的时刻。  


Here, we sincerely wish the new S.C. of IBDP/AP and SADP a refulgent future.