SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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----SIPFLS IB-AP国际高中学生活动掠影

A glimpse of Activities Held This Semester of SIPFLS IB-AP International High School


Time flies, and the new year is right around the corner. It is about time to recall our fond memories of the house activities that our IB -AP high school students have participated in the past semester.



September (icebreaking, two three legged,frisbee)

       In September, year 10 freshmen joined our SIPFLS IB-AP family. Basking in the afternoon sunshine, all IB-AP high school students played the game , “Smack”. The game requires all the students to be divided into pairs, and then, everyone introduced themselves. Then they competed with each other. Through the game, everyone not only got the chance to exercise, but also made new friends.



After the icebreaker game, games called Special Walk and frisbee were also played. Students enjoyed the running and competition.




October- November (football, dodgeball, laps of glory)

       October is quite short. As autumn arrived, students were introduced to a new sport—American football. Look!How cool they are!


During November, students kept trying new games, such as dodgeball,and running with limited time. Students needed to run as much as they can in the given period in order to win the game.


天气渐凉,同学们的热情却未减,在新任house team学生队长的带领下,同学们玩起了不同的游戏,简单的规则,一下子就激发了同学们的参与热情,往往是活动已然结束,但“余音” 依旧“绕梁”。

December- January (Tug of war, H2O, Wolves are coming, Fishing)

Although it was getting colder, students were still passionate about the house activities. Led by the new student leaders, students played different kinds of games with simple rules. Students really liked these simple games, and they even didn’t want the game to end.



End of January (New Year Activities)

After the exam, the Student Council organized Chinese cultural activities such as traditional paper cutting, board games, dumpling making and so on. Winter holiday is coming, so we bid you a fond farewell! Have a happy new year and stay safe. See your guys next semester!