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喜报!暨在2020ETS批判性思维挑战赛中获得优异成绩之后,园外学子们在China Think Big创新研究项目大挑战(以下简称CTB)中再次斩获佳绩!

We bring you glad tidings! After achieving excellent results in the 2020 ETS Critical Thinking Challenge, the students of SIPFLS have once again achieved great results in the China Think Big Innovation Research Project Challenge (abbreviated as CTB).



The IB/AP International High School Division of SIPFLS organized three teams of students to participate in the CTB. It took them four months to prepare. The students worked in their teams to carry out in-depth research and passed various tests to surpass other contestants during the online selection.



Among them, the “Stardust Crusader” team composed of team captain Noah, and members Link, Ross and Leo, showed outstanding performance during the online selection and was successfully promoted to the National level with the project, “Drain the Heat of Swear Words”!



The “I Haven’t Thought About the Name” team composed of team leader Ray, and members Linda, Sophia, Charlie and Jenny, embarked on the “Save Pingtan Project – Promoting Pingtan According to Youth Preferences”, which won the Rookie Awards.


CTB是以学术研究和社会实践推动社会创新的国际级别高中生创新活动,源自哈佛大学传统的研究课题展示项目“Harvard Thinks Big”,自2012年由哈佛商学院和清华大学相关院系共同带入中国。

CTB is an international-level innovation activity for high school students that promotes social innovation through academic research and social practice. It is derived from the exhibition project of Harvard University’s traditional research, i.e. “Harvard Thinks Big”, and was introduced to China by Harvard Business School and Tsinghua University in 2012.



In the past 8 years, CTB has worked with professors from top domestic and foreign universities such as Yale University, Stanford University and Tsinghua University. Additionally, they have tapped on the expertise of Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winners as well as experts and scholars in various fields to propose research topics and innovation challenges to Chinese middle school students worldwide.



Our students’ achievements in this innovative research challenge are a result of their strong academic research skills, practical innovation ability and cooperative teamwork, but credit also goes to the teachers who provided tutoring and guidance after class.



Congratulations once again to the students who won accolades! We hope that the students of SIPFLS can continue to keep up the good work and achieve excellent results in future competitions!