SIPFLS IB DIVISION High School Programme
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  • Name:Joel Seow
  • Position:IB Division Principal and DP Coordinator
  • Academic Background:Master of Arts in Instructional Design & Technology, National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University
    Bachelor of Science (Honours)(2ndUpper), National University of Singapore
    Bachelor of Science (majors in Physics, Mathematics; minor in Computer Science), National University of Singapore
    Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), National Institute of Education/ Nanyang Technological University
  • Work Experience:I have taught Mathematics and Physics for almost twenty years, first in Singapore schools and then in various international schools of high repute in Shanghai, Ningbo and Hong Kong. Besides classroom teaching, I have had the privilege of piloting major programmes in most of these institutions, including overseeing the authorisation process for IBMYP and IBDP. I have served in various capacities, including Senior Subject Teacher, Head of Department, Head of Middle School, Singapore MOE Manpower Planning Officer, IBMYP coordinator, IBDP coordinator, Consultant to Senior Management, IB examiner and member of IBO School Visits team. I believe in embracing challenge and change and am very delighted to accept the invitation by the Senior Management of SIPFLS to come on board to launch the IB programme. I believe this will be a most enriching and fulfilling experience for all of us in the IB team, and look forward to working with everyone in SIPFLS.

  • Name:Timothy Ho Shen Teng
  • Position:Head of Administration
  • Teaching Class:Chinese B
  • Academic Background: IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning, Bethel University (MN)
    Bachelor of Arts (Major in Chinese Language and Minor in English Language), National University of Singapore
    Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University.
  • Work Experience:In 2000, I received a teaching scholarship from the Ministry of Education in Singapore to study Chinese language in my university. After graduation, I taught Chinese in the high schools in Singapore for four years and went on to teach for another six years in Ecuador. It was an enriching experience to live and teach cross-culturally. Then, I worked in an international high school in the southern part of China and started my teaching stint for two years. During my stay there, I won the “Top 10 Best Mentor Award” in a competition by the Bank of China. I came to Suzhou in 2017. Besides teaching in SIPFLS now, I am also in charge of establishing the house team system and helping in department administration. In my teaching, I hope to inspire students to think and inquire so that they become lifelong learners. I believe that I will be able to add value to the teachers and students here as we do our best to support and serve one another.

  • Name:Evelyn Yee Ling TAN
  • Designation:Head of English Language and Humanities.
  • Teaching Class:English B
  • Academic Background:Master of Arts (English Literature), National University of Singapore
    Bachelor of Arts( Honours) (2nd Upper), National University of Singapore
    Bachelor of Arts (majors: English Language and English Literature; minors: History and Philosophy), National University of Singapore
    Postgraduate Diploma in Education ( Secondary), National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University.
  • Work Experience:My teaching career has spanned high school and university, starting with the General Paper at GCE“A” levels in Singapore. In the last fifteen years, I have taught with the National University of Singapore, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Hong Kong University, delivering English courses for prematriculated scholars, undergraduates and postgraduates, English majors, University administrative staff, Hong Kong secondary school teachers, and HKU Masters-in-Education candidates. This was followed by a transition to middle management at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China where my responsibilities included policy and exam board matters, and line managing and training English teachers from the UK, USA and Australia. Currently, I am excited by the dual prospect of being part of the team to launch the IB programme in this school , and to pioneer the training of local teachers for an international teaching programme.

  • Name: Linlin Feng (Vivian)
  • Designation:Head of Form Teachers
  • Teaching Class:Chemistry
  • Responsibilities:Year 12 Home Room teacher
  • Academic Background: Master of Science (Chemistry), Capital Normal University
  • Work Experience:From 2008-2009 I taught Chemistry 9 and 10 in a foreign language school in Beijing and was awarded "Excellent teacher" in this period and won a couple of awards in "teaching skills" competitions, both within the school and in Beijing.In 2009-2011, I worked as a headteacher in the BC programme of Mudu high school, where my main responsibilitywas working with the students to ensure that they understood the subject. I got the"Excellent person" award. In 2011- 2015,I worked as a homeroom teacher and taught chemistry and science in BC program in SIPFLS which is originated from BC program of Mudu high school, and I was awarded "Excellent headteacher" twice and "Excellent educator" once. In 2015 I moved to IB program to teach IBDP chemistry until now.I have been teaching Chem for 9 years and I will continue to teach because I love teaching and students.

  • Name:Tan Yanming
  • Teaching Class:Sports Exercise and Health Science
  • Academic Background:Bachelor of Science (Life Science), National University of Singapore
    Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), National Institute of Education (Singapore)
  • Work Experience:I have been teaching Biology for the past eleven years at schools in Singapore and China. My teaching experience of the various international programmes includes GCE ‘O’ Level, IGCSE, IBDP and GAC. Throughout my teaching career, I have taken up several leadership and mentoring roles. I believe IBDP encourages students to think critically, synthesize knowledge and also reflect on their own thought processes. Thus I am very excited to be a part of this talented Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School IBDP family!

  • Name:KiKi Sun
  • Teaching Class:Chinese B
  • Special responsibilities:Personal Assistant to IB Principal
  • Academic Background:Bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Nanjing Audit University
  • Work Experience:I have worked as a Teaching Assistant of the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) programme in SIPFLS for one year. In the same period, I taught the Chinese for Speakers of Other Languages module to the foreign teachers in the school. Currently I am very excited to join the IB teaching team as it offers lots of opportunity for creative and exploratory learning, both for teachers and students. My work as the IB Principal’s PA enables me to use my knowledge as a local to help management, staff and students to understand the varied logistical and institutional demands of working and living in Suzhou.

  • Name:Luke Chen
  • Designation:TOK coordinator
  • Teaching Class:TOK
  • Academic Background:Master of Philosophy(Western Aesthetics) Shanghai Normal University,
    Bachelor of Literature (Advertising) Soochow University
  • Work Experience:Before graduation, I taught Art in Public School in Shanghai. After graduation, I have been constantlyteaching IB-DP TOK for 6 years. Fortunately, I directly started my teaching career from TOK. Within 3 years in Shanghai, I was also supervisorsof several CAS clubs. I have been trained in HK and Beijing for TOK C2&C3. I have been invited as guest teacher to illustrate TOK course for a new IB school in Shanghai. Then I taught not only TOK, DP-Chinese ab initio but also MYP-Chinese Language and Literature in Kunshan IB School. Interdisciplinary teaching provides me precious opportunities to make connections between MYP curriculum and DP, between TOK and LL. I was also CAS coordinator assistant, dealing with daily CAS records and activities. Nowadays, I returned back to my hometown to start my new career in SIPFLS. As the core, TOK brings us lots of fabulousideas and tremendous critical thinking experiences, which is embedded in every single subject in DP. Now, Let’s TOK!

  • Name:Cherry Chen
  • Teaching Class:Visual Arts
  • Academic Background:Master of Arts, Anhui Normal University
    Bachelor of Fine Arts -Anhui Normal University
  • Work Experience:I have taught Art for over a decade and find it veryfulfilling to raise students'ability through motivating and inspiring them.I enjoy being with high schoolers and imparting to them a good understanding of art theory and painting techniques. I have participated inmany provincial and municipal exhibitions and published dissertations for theories of art in provincial journals.

  • Name:Sarah Hong
  • Teaching Class:Physics
  • Special responsibilities:Form Teacher
  • Academic Background:Masters Degree in Physics from East China Normal University
    Bachelor Degree in Physics from Changchun Normal University
    Qualification Certificate in Secondary School Teaching
  • Work Experience:I have been working and teaching at SIP FLS since 2011. I have six years of Physics teaching experience, beginning with local high school & IGCSE "O" level Physics , then moving on to SIPFLS local year Middle School Physics, and International section Science( delivered in English). After that, I joined BC teaching Science, and co-teaching Year 11 and 12 Physics and Year 12 Calculus with the Canadian teachers . I love teaching, and one of my greatest joys is spending time with my students.

  • Name:Laura Xu
  • Teaching Class:ChineseA
  • Special responsibilities:Form Teacher
  • Academic Background:Master of Education(Chinese Language and Literature Teaching) Soochow University
    BA(Chinese Language and Literature) Xuzhou Normal University
  • Work Experience:I have taught Chinese Language and Literature for more than a decade, and done extensive research in these areas. I was part of a team compiling publications for a reference book, "Teaching plans based on selected essays of the 8 major authors of the Tang and Song dynasties", for the teaching of classical Chinese literature. I was also one of the contributors. I have also organized a broad range of teaching activities and events (i.e. debate competitions, reading festival etc.)

  • Name: Norma Zheng
  • Teaching Class:English B
  • Special responsibilities:Form teacher
  • Academic Background:Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics), The University of Nottingham
    Bachelor of Arts (English majors of education), Hefei Normal University
    Teaching Certificate of High School English
  • Work Experience:I started my English teaching in a senior high school three years ago and have done research in the field of multimodality, which aims at studying the effective use of multimodal stimulus in enhancing teaching efficiency. Before I did my Masters year in Nottingham, I also taught students preparing for the College Entrance Examination as well as IELTS. During my Masters year, I found my interest in Corpus Linguistics, especially the use of different corpora (BNC, BAWE or COCA) in shedding light on ELT/ESL. I also did my own research in analyzing L1/L2 students’ writing of merit and distinction to map out the relationship between the writing proficiency with the use of specific lexical bundles. Upon completing my Masters degree, I’ve taught two grades for an overseas program in The University of Ningbo. Now, I am really excited to join in this International Baccalaureate Diploma team with so many great colleagues.

  • Name: Sally Sheng
  • Teaching Class:Mathematics
  • Special responsibilities:Form teacher
  • Academic Background:Bachelor ofmanagement (project management of construction),Suzhou Science and Technology University;
    Bachelor of science(project management of construction),University of South Wales;
    Master of science(Construction Management), Coventry University.
  • Work Experience:Since I graduated from my Master Degree, I started teaching Mathematics in Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School. I have twoyears experienceof studying in UK. Based on my own experience, I can give students valuable suggestions of living and studying aboard. As a form teacher, I will always put the students in the first place.

  • Name:Sisi Dong
  • Teaching Class: Economics
  • Academic Background:MSc (Money, Banking and Finance), University of Sheffield, UK
    BSc (Finance), Chongqing University of Technology
    TESOL Advanced Certification
    Qualification Certificate in Secondary School Teaching
    Securities Qualification Certificate
  • Work Experience:I started teaching as an English instructor in Chongqing Nankai Secondary school from 2009. After that, I worked as an interpreter in China Telecoms, Jiangsu Branch. Prior to joining SIPFLS in 2014, I worked as an administrative staff for a state key laboratory of fluid power transmission and control in Zhejiang University and for a local machinery company in Suzhou, which gave me the opportunity to hone my economic analysis and interpersonal skills. I love travel and photography, and establishing good relationships with students.

  • Name: Sharyn Loy
  • Teaching Class:Business and Management
  • Academic Background:Bachelor of Business (Major in Marketing), Nanyang Technological University
    Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), National Institute of Education/ Nanyang Technological University
  • Work Experience:I have taught business and mathematics related courses in Singapore for the last 7 years to students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds. Besides my teaching duties, I was also given the opportunities to take up various roles and projects. I have worked with the Curriculum Planning and Development branch of Ministry of Education (Singapore) to develop and execute nationwide programmes that aims to improve teaching pedagogies. In my previous school, I served as the acting head of department, level coordinator, mentor for beginning teachers and leader of various events/projects.

  • Name: Mia Zhao
  • Teaching Class:Chinese A Language and Literature, Businessand Management
  • Academic Background:Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.Fudan University
    Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate
    The Certificate of Completion in TCSOL
  • Work Experience:In the past 4years,I have taught inOffice of Chinese Language Council, Auckland University and NewYork University and deliveredbilingual courses to students with various cultural and academic background .The cross-cultural experience has greatly enriched my worldview and understanding of different kinds of culture. It makes me resonatewith the principle of IB. Besides my teaching duties,I am also given the opportunity to taking Business courses offered by Fudan-MIT international MBA program. I am look forward to being a cross-subject teacher in SIPFLS and awaiting more fruitful years of growth ahead!

  • Name: Fay Donovan
  • Teaching Class:English A (Language and Literature), Year 10 Music and English oral remedial.
  • Academic Background:BA English from University College London (UCL, London, United Kingdom)
    Distinction in Grade 8 Classical Guitar ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)
    Grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory in Practice
    TEFL in China (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
  • Work Experience: I am a gregarious, dedicated and ambitious extrovert with a fervent passion for education, literature and the arts. I have been teaching in China for over two years, working in various international programmes teaching IGCSEs, IELTS and A Levels. I have taught classical guitar for over seven years in the UK and China, and have performed individually and as part of a band across Europe, in China and the Philippines. SIPFLS will be my third International School, having previously taught in Guangzhou before coming to Suzhou. The IB programme at SIPFLS encapsulates all my beliefs surrounding education: promoting international and critical thinking, creativity and supporting forward-thinking individuals. I look forward to being a part of this dynamic and developing department!

  • Name: Nina Feng
  • Teaching Class:German
  • Academic Background:Bachelor of Arts (German Language and Literature), Qingdao University
  • Work Experience: I started my German teaching since one year ago and worked as German teacher in International College in the Qingdao University. Since graduating from university, I worked in Opfun Languwagecentre to teach German. I would like to infuse my teaching with enthusiasm and help nurture this kind of students. So I am delighted to join the team in Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School (SIPFLS) .

  • Name: Lina
  • Teaching Class:Japanese
  • Academic Background:Bachelor of Arts (Japanese Language), Chi Feng University
  • Work Experience: I studied Japanese as my major at university and I have a deep love for the teaching profession. My previous role was in a Japanese high school teaching, where I obtained the Japanese high school teachers' qualification certificate. The focus was on teaching the correct grammar with clear explanations, coherent train of thought, serious and responsible teaching and to pay attention to the cultivation of the students basic skills and autonomous learning. I am very good at standing on the ground with the learners, which I believe is the most appropriate way to teach.

  • Name: Theresa Lau
  • Teaching Class: English A (Language and Literature) and English B
  • Academic Background: Bachelor of Arts (English Language for Education), University of Manchester
  • Work Experience:Having completed the International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma as a high school student, I could not resonate with IB’s values and educational philosophies more. My teaching experiences began as early as my middle school years, where I volunteered regularly as an English teacher at a migrant primary school in Shanghai. I pursued my interests in teaching by reading English Language for Education at the University of Manchester. During my time there, I invested in the local British Chinese community, teaching and helping students with their language skills at the Manchester Chinese Educational and Cultural Community Centre. My involvement with the community led to my interest in completing my final year dissertation on the topic of parental involvement in bilingual students’ language development. Previously, I was an ESL teacher at the SIPFLS International Middle School Department as well as an English educational centre tutor to students of all levels, from Shanghai, Hong Kong and South Korea. I am looking forward to working with IB students and imparting the spirit of lifelong learning to the students!

  • Name: Phoebe LiawPeiru
  • Teaching Class: Theory of Knowledge, Essential Studies, English
  • Academic Background: IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning, Bethel University (MN)
    Bachelor of Communications (Hons.), Nanyang Technological University
    Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate (Norwood)
    Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE C1)
  • Work Experience:I began my teaching career as a lecturer in communications and interdisciplinary studies in a polytechnic in Singapore. Prior to that, I gained valuable corporate experience an educational researcher as well as a Senior Marketing Executive in an online floral company. I am passionate about education and languages and am fluent in English, Mandarin and Spanish. In 2009, I embarked on the adventure to teach overseas. I taught and volunteered in Ecuador, South America for six yearsbefore coming to China. The cross-cultural exchange has greatly enriched and broadened my worldview and understanding of different cultures. I am inspired by the IB vision to develop caring, critically thinking and international-minded world citizens. I look forward to growing in SIPFLS and challenging students and myself to become life-long inquirers and learners, as well as to have fun exploring the knowledge and experiences the world has to offer.

  • Name: Michael Donovan
  • Teaching Class:Maths and Physics
  • Academic Background:Bachelor of Science, Physics. Imperial College London
  • Work Experience: I have spent time in a variety of jobs in the Middle East, South America, Continental Europe and Australia since graduating. My interest in teaching started when I taught English last year as a volunteer at a Steiner school in Chile. It opened up a world of possibilities for me and I am very excited by the opportunity of working with young people, guiding them to explore Physics within the IB curriculum, and encouraging them to develop an interdisciplinary and intercultural mindset. At the same time, this job inspires me to go on learning and embrace challenges, and to grow alongside my young charges.

  • Name: Adam Fu
  • Teaching Class:Mathematics and Chemistry
  • Academic Background:Master of Science (Chemistry),Liverpool University
    Bachelor of Science (Chemistry),Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
  • Work Experience: I have been teaching Chemistry for three years, Previously I was an A-level/IGCSE Chemistry teacher in international division of Wuxi Foreign Language School. I also have experience in teaching VCE and SACE Chemistry. Chemistry has a unique place in our pattern of understanding of the universe. It is the science of molecules and it is interesting. I believe IB programme will help our students develop international mind, who can recognize their humanity and aim to create a better place.

  • Name: Charles Hu
  • Teaching Class:HE, COM, GAC Acad
  • Special responsibilities:Form Teacher for IADP 11&12
  • Academic Background:Bachelor degree in English Literature, Wenzheng College of Schoow University;
    Bachelor degree (dual) in Law, Schoow University.
  • Work Experience: After graduation, I started my career in a consulting company from which I developed my skills in communication and multi-task dealing. I take my part-time job as a group fitness instructor, which brings me with great passion for helping people to get fitter by following my instruction. I shall committee 100% of my energy to teaching and caring for my students.

  • Name: Echo Zuo
  • Teaching Class: Y11 and Y12 IBDP Math, Y10 Math
  • Academic Background:Master of Science (Operations Research and Control Theory, Mathematics), Nanjing University
    Bachelor of Science (Information and Computing Science, Mathematics), Nanjing University
  • Work Experience: I started my teaching career since I was a postgraduate student in Nanjing University, working as a teaching assistant. After graduation, I taught Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra and Calculus in Macau University of Science and Technology for 6 years. I’v been teaching in international high schools in Suzhou since 2014. With the experience of AP, IGCSE and A-Level, I have a strong believe in IB program.

  • Name: Eileen Hu
  • Teaching Class: Essential studies, English
  • Academic Background:Master of Arts (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), University of Liverpool;
    Bachelor of Arts (English Language and Literature), Changchun University
  • Work Experience: The idea of becoming a teacher started after a volunteer teaching activity back when I was a freshman. I could deeply feel the sense of accomplishment when I found I could make changes or bring the chance of a better life for others through my effort and contribution. Following my heart, I became an English teacher after graduation. I have years of teaching experience ranging from younger learners to adults. Before joining in SIPFLS, I was teaching EAP (English for academic purpose) course in Monash College. Prior to that, I was teaching in the international department of Suzhou High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University. Inspired by the IB values, I wish I could develop myself together with students to become life-long learners and inquirers with critical thinking abilities as well as actively explore the knowledge. Now I am ready to embrace the new challenges and look forward to working together with IB students in SIPFLS!

  • Name: Emily Li
  • Teaching Class: Chinese B
  • Academic Background:Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Suzhou University
  • Work Experience: During the undergraduate period, I had a internship at No.9 Middle School In Shahe and act as the deputy head teacher. After college graduation, I went to Beijing and started my teaching career of Chinese as a foreign language formally. This experience has taught me a lot of teaching skills and classroom management skills. And then I worked in Mandarin house in Suzhou for one year to teach Chinese to students came from different countries. Last year I was serving as a Chinese teacher at Gyeonggi logistics high school in Korea. These experiences have improved my teaching ability and broadened my horizon. In the process of intercultural communication, I have a deeper understanding of the concept of IB curriculum. I’m glad to join in SIPFLS and I will word hard to be an excellent teacher.

  • Name: Laura Sheng
  • Teaching Class: Economics
  • Special responsibilities: Form teacher
  • Academic Background:Bachelor of Arts (Economics), University of California, Irvine, United States
  • Work Experience: During my undergraduate course in US, I joined UCI Community Service and Leadership Program, Volunteering and participating in the organizations community service events in preparation to find and lead community service events in the Orange County and Santa Ana area while making a meaningful local impact. When I was in high school, I also joined Suzhou Library Volunteer to assisted middle school students. These experiences improved my time-management ability and team-work spirit. I also helped some students prepare their Economics AP tests. To complete my Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Minor Statistics, I took Economics courses of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Marketing, Game Theory, and Monetary System & Banking System; and Statistics of Hypothesis Test (Simple and two-sided & one-way table, two-way table, and three-way table), ANOVA(one-way and two-way), Chi-square Test, Linear Regression, Generalized Linear Model. The next destination for me is to be a high school teacher. I believe my knowledge from undergraduate study and experience abroad will be valuable for my work. I really enjoy stay with students and am willing to help them be better people during these three years.I like reading, traveling, and small animals.

  • Name: Murdoch Ian Mackay
  • Teaching Class: Sports, Health and Exercise Science, Theory of Knowledge
  • Academic Background:Bachelor of Science (Honours) Molecular Biology and Genetics, University of Hertfordshire,. Qualified Teacher Status gained through the Graduate Teacher Programme July 2010.
  • Work Experience: After completing my undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Hertfordshire, I began working as a research scientist at a large pharmaceutical company. I became involved in their outreach program, visiting local schools and engaging the community in science: this is where I first realised my passion for teaching. A few years into my career as a research scientist I decided to make the leap into teaching and applied for a position with the at a local school. I was accepted as an unqualified teacher of science and undertook my teacher training, I qualified in 2010 and continued to teach Biology. In 2012, I heard about an opportunity in China to start an international IBDP division at a local high school and made the second leap since graduating, the leap to China. I established the science curriculum, and was later appointed IB coordinator. I have spent the last 6 years in China teaching Theory of Knowledge and Biology to second language learners who aspire to succeed and excel in their studies. I am very excited to start this new chapter at SIPFLS where I have the opportunity to work with ambitious and forward thinking students and colleagues.

  • Name: Yuting Zha (Rosa)
  • Teaching Class: English B
  • Academic Background:BA Applied English, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, University of Liverpool
    MA TESOL, King’s College London
    CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) holder
  • Work Experience: My teaching experience started when I was back in university. I volunteered to teach English in primary schools in Indonesia, where my understanding of teaching was much deepened. I had once taught IELTS for a while in a language institution in Suzhou. When I was doing postgraduate studies, I passed the CELTA training. During the training period, I gave lessons to students from all over the world, including Japan, Italy, Ecuador, Spain, Greece, Brazil, France etc., which made me fully aware and better understand the importance of teaching strategies applied in classroom to students from different cultural backgrounds. Being an innovative teacher has always been my ambition. The whole point of IBDP, which is to let our students develop all kinds of skills instead of turning them to exam-taking machines, makes me want to contribute all myself. I look forward to working with lovely IB students and I believe I can continuously develop my passion in teaching as well as learning in IB!

  • Name: Sirius Qin
  • Teaching Class: Chinese A
  • Academic Background:MA(Modern and Contemporary Literature in Chinese),Nanjing University
    BA(Chinese Language and Literature),Jiangsu Normal University
  • Work Experience: After graduating from university, I did an internship in a training organization in Suzhou for a period of time. During my graduate studies, I have coached students studying in international high school to learn Chinese for more than one year. During this period, I further understood the IB curriculum system and developed a strong interest in its teaching philosophy. I have also practiced in the traditional media and new media fields for a period of time, which has enabled me to have a deeper contact and understanding of the mass media. This will also do a great help in Chinese A Language and Literature teaching. My professional studies that combined with internship experience can help me better perform IB's Chinese teaching and I look forward to growing with IB students in the teaching process in the future.

  • Name: Wendy Wang
  • Teaching Class: Chinese A
  • Academic Background:Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages in Soochow University
    BA (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) in Xuzhou Normal School
  • Work Experience: During September 2012 to July 2013 I worked as a Chinese teacher (volunteer) at the Confucius Institute of Portland State University in U.S.A. I was a certified Mandarin teacher at CISK since August 2014. I taught Mandarin to students in grade JK to G10. I also provided academic support for one period of G9 Geography. From September 2017, I taught IB Chinese A from G10 to G12.