SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Yr 10 CAS Service Trip to Yunnan ( Day3 )


Day 326th April 第三天:426

After breakfast at a local restaurant in the village, Year 10 headed back to the school to begin another day of teaching. The elementary school students have adapted quickly to their new style of learning, with interactive, exciting and informative lessons being delivered by Year 10. Furthermore, the shyness experienced on the first day, when the young students were introduced to Year 10, has completely disappeared – they can be seen in the playground chasing and hugging their new teachers. The greetings have also changed from ‘Laoshihao!’ to ‘Hello teacher!’ and ‘See you later’, as the students try out the new words they have been taught in English.

在当地村庄的一家小餐馆吃过早饭后,十年级的同学们便返回学校准备开始一天的教学。茨营小学的学生们也很快地适应了同学们带去的全新的学习方式——互动交流、内容丰富且激情满满的新式课堂。记得第一天当地孩子们向我们同学介绍他们自己时,脸上还堆满了羞涩和胆怯,但经过这两天的朝夕相处,此刻彼此之间已其乐融融。操场上不时传来孩子们的欢声笑语,他们尽情地在同学们的带领下做着游戏,追逐嬉戏,不时还和“新老师们”拥抱一下,亲密无间。孩子们学以致用,用这两天学到的英语与“小老师们”问好,从刚开始的“老师好”’变成了“Hello”和“See you later”,同学们也觉得颇有成就感!

During the morning, 6 of our students and 3 members of staff paid a visit to another local school – Yi Ethnic Group Elementary School. The school has a severe lack of staff, with only 9 teachers and 125 students, as well as limited resources and support. Our students were given a tour around the dormitories, classrooms and canteen, anddonated books to the library. In a cultural exchange, the school performed a local dance, and in return our students sang a song. As a memento of the visit, a photo was taken of the staff, students and their visitors in front of the school’s traditional and colourful mural.


In the afternoon the sun came out to shine on the Talent Show. All the classes performed with an impressive display of dancing, singing and acting. Year 10 also showed off their wonderful talents, contributing a play and dance to the performance. To finish the show, long bamboo poles were brought to the stage and the young students taught Year 10 a local dance. The bamboo poles were laid out, whilst students stood at the ends banging them together – the dancers then had to jump in and out of the gaps in the bamboo poles without getting their legs trapped! The local students made it look easy, but when Year 10 and the SIPFLS staff joined in it turned out to be a very tricky, but nonetheless fun, dance. A perfect way to end the day at CiyingVillageElementary School!