SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Yr 11 CAS Service Trip to Thailand ( Day6 )


On Thursday 27th April, we set off for Koh Kho Khaoisland again at 8am and the two groups of students swapped their tasks from what they did on Tuesday. Due to the fact that there were less sweet potato seeds to sow, the gardening group only had to get one third of the field cleared as compared to Tuesday when they had plenty of papaya seeds to plant. Nonetheless, there were more smaller duties for the gardening group as well, such as painting the big, old tires recycled into flower pots and making herb pots from used coke bottles. One student soldiered on despite hurting his thumb and the willingness of giving their all was heartening to see. At the other end of the school, the painting group had difficulties evening out the shades so they had to really work together to put on the coats of paint. After a short lunch of traditional yellow rice with tofu/chicken, they went back to work. Since the seeds were sown, the gardening group started to paint the used tires stuck round the garden and transferring the small flower pots into the bigger tires painted in the morning. While making the herb pots, one student came up with the idea of using only one string to suspend two coke bottles together so it is neater and easier to hang on the bamboo sticks around the plot. His idea made the work a lot lighter for the students and everyone rejoiced at his ingenuity! Meanwhile, the painting group did not have enough paints which meant that they could not scratch out the peeling pieces too much. The principal also kindly got onto the ladder to reach higher parts of the wall to prevent accidents from the students. As a result of everyone’s hard work, by 2:30pm both groups had finished and were ready to say goodbye to the local school. The rest of the afternoon was spent resting until dinner at the beach amid gorgeous sunset hues.

427日,星期四,学生们于清早8点再次从科考岛(Koh Kho Khao)出发并且两组互换任务(与周二的小组工作互换),但是与周二的情况(木瓜幼苗的数量充足)相比,这次没有足够的红薯幼苗,所以种植组只能完成三分之一的耕种。然而,他们也被分配了其他的细小的工作,比如给废旧的大轮胎涂漆上色做成花盆,用废旧的塑料可乐瓶制作成育苗盆。有一个学生在拇指受伤的情况下也坚持完成任务,所有的学生们看到之后都深受感动。与此同时,粉刷组也在校园的另一端忙得不亦乐乎但他们也遇到了小小的挑战,即很难将墙壁粉刷的色彩均匀一致,他们不得不穿上工作外套,齐心协力,发挥团队作战的精神。




As the students strolled back to the Resort to have their Physics IA evening study with the Principal, they reflected on how swiftly these few days have passed. Because conditions are very poor at the local school, students hope other volunteers could go and continue painting the other buildings and converting more of the field into useful land. Overall, we are proud to see the thinking skills of some of the students while going about their tasks and how well they have worked together and fulfilled everything that has been asked of them. Nobody shirked their duties or gave up before their tasks were completed. Consequently, they developed perseverance and determination no matter how new they were to a situation or how averse they might be to a task. They also learned first hand about the threats facing our natural eco-systems and issues surrounding ‘sustainable development’. Most importantly, this week has been an eye-opening experience for all of them to see for themselves the difference their efforts can make on the needy. It was through ‘service’ that they realised their potential to make positive impacts on the world.