SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Yr 10 CAS Service Trip to Yunnan ( Day4-5 )


Day 427th April 第四天:427

The final day’s teaching brought together all the knowledge that Year 10 had bestowed on to their young students. Throughout the week, Year 10 has shown themselves to be determined and dedicated mentors, stepping into the role of teacher and embracing all the responsibilities that come with it. As classes came to a close, gifts and letters were exchanged between Year 10 and the students, and many tears were shed.

During their journey to Yunnan, Year 10 hasexperienced the unforgettable feeling of influencing the lives of others through sharing knowledge, cultural experiences and cultural understanding. Above all, both the staff and students who visitedCiyingVillageElementary School have learnt to appreciate what they have, and the pleasure of sharing it with others.



Day 528th April 第五天:428

It has been a long and hard week of teaching for Year 10, but nonetheless an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. They have grown in confidence all the way and developed an excellent rapport with their young students.

All were up bright and early on the final day to take the train back to Suzhou. Though glad to be heading home, Year 10 are sure to miss the students they met on this memorable trip and never forget them.