SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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IB Year 11 CAS Service Trip to Thailand (Day 2)



Thailand group 1


Today the students set off for a trek around the KhaoLak National Park. While walking through the jungle, they observed the local wildlife, trees and plants, taking photos of the most interesting and impressive species. The end of the trail led to a beautiful, secluded beach where the students were able to bathe in the crystal clear ocean to cool off after the hike. From there students went for lunch at a local restaurant before heading back to the resort to plan their arts and crafts, sports activities and cultural exchange for the students of the local school they will be visiting tomorrow. An authentic dinner of Thai green curry and rice with fresh fruit was enjoyed that evening on the beach.




Thailand group 2


After breakfast, the students were first briefed by the base leaders about some suggestions on activities that they can prepare for the children at the orphanage. Then, we set off to see the orphanageschool.


When we first arrived, we were welcomed by children and their beautiful smiles. Our activity leader and driver Pi Wan split all the students into three groups: wall drawing, wall painting and teaching. Our Y11 Students were quick to start their task and focused, despite the children wanting to play various games with them.


After a few hours of hard work, the drawing team was effective in producing some simple but vibrant drawings of animals, plants and the nature. The painting team worked tirelessly on one wall and the teaching team taught the children basic English words, only to find that the Thai children have already been taught a lot of words in the past by volunteers from other countries!


In the afternoon, students returned to their assigned tasks. The teaching team joined the other groups to help them complete the task sooner, soon enough that we all finished earlier than expected! With the extra time, we decided to play some games with the eager children.


The eventful day ended with a scrumptious BBQ and Hotpot buffet dinner.