SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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IB Year 10 CAS Service Trip to Hong Kong (Day 1)


We arrived in Hong Kong without a problem during the journey from Suzhou. The first activity of course being to set up camp for the week. The students were all hands to the tents and set up a tidy and ordered camp site under the careful watch of both farm animals, teachers, and the activity coordinators. It is not easy to work together successfully when tired after a long journey, but the students should be commended for a job well done on this one.




Next was the beach Olympics. An initiation activity to get them acquainted with the camp staff and to get them bonding within their groups. The beautiful sun, sea and mountains provided inspirational scenery for the games which were fiercely competed for the win.



Next up was the shower challenge. 49 students to shower in 30 minutes. They did not quite beat the clock but it was still efficient.




After this, fire building 101 was taught. They were shown how to tie an effective knot, make a home for their fire but no one succeeded in starting one.




The evening finished with a bbq under the stars on the beach and a lot of singing. We all hope for a good night sleep.