SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners  Trips

IB Year 11 CAS Service Trip to Thailand (Day 3&4)



Thailand group 1



The students headed off to the local school today which was a short boat trip across to the nearby island. Here, they became teachers, treating the local Thai children to a morning of sports activities including jump rope, egg and spoon races and a final tug-of-war competition. After lunch, the students held arts and crafts classes, teaching the local pupils how to decorate eggs, make colourful plant pots, do perspective sketches, make fun paper hats and also mini-guitars out of paper plates and elastic bands. The children from the local school loved the activities and especially enjoyed interacting with our students, who did a wonderful job. Precious memories were created and our students are looking forward to working with the school again this Thursday.


今天学生们乘船到当地一所小学开展志愿服务。在那里,学生们变成了“老师”带领当地的小朋友开展多项运动。比如跳绳,匙蛋赛跑和拔河等。吃过午饭,学生们又呈上了艺术和手工课程。和小朋友在一起装饰彩蛋,制作彩色种植盆,涂色,制作有趣的纸帽子和纸盘-橡皮筋 迷你小吉他。当时的小朋友对这一系列活动都很感兴趣并且乐意和我们的学生交流。整个活动过程友好而珍贵,期待着周四的再会。



The students woke early this morning for a quick stroll or jog along the incredible beach close to the resort before breakfast. In the morning, they worked in the meditation room on their Extended Essays and other schoolwork, before heading in to KhaoLak for lunch and an afternoon of shopping. Before dinner, the GVI staff gave an informative and eye-opening presentation on the problem and impact of littering on beaches in preparation for tomorrow’s beach clean project.



Thailand group 2



Today students woke up full of energy ready for a new day. This time, the students were more prepare on what to expect at the orphanage. When we arrived at the orphanage, there was a graduation event happening. The students who were graduating are about to leave for their public school education. The whole school celebrated with music and food. On the hand, our Y11 students were not distracted and kept themselves busy with a final session wall painting, joined by another group of volunteers from Europe.



Afterwards, a short lunch break, some students continued with wall painting and drawing while the rest were playing games and spending time with the children. The schoolyard was filled with laughter and smiles. When it was time to leave, the children chased the bus while the Y11 students said their tearful goodbyes. It was truly a bittersweet day.




Day 4 started with the students reporting early at 6.00am. Although they had to wake up very early in the morning, all of them managed to report on time. We left the hostel in Singburi at 6.00am and took a minivan to Kanchanaburi. The journey took around 3 hours and we reached Kanchanburi at 9.00am.


After checking in to our hostel in Kanchanaburi, we took a van to the Elephant conversion place called the Elephant’s World. It is a non–profit organisation where tourists and volunteers take care of the 26 old, sick, handicapped and rescued elephants.
Firstly our guide briefed us on the safety rules in the Elephant’s World. After that, he took us to a hut where we were taught how to prepare and cook the sticky rice balls for the elephants. It was a great learning experience for our students as most of them do not have the habit of cooking in their home. 
Next our guide took us to the bathing area of the elephants where our students get the chance to bath and scrub the elephants. Although our students were very wet after that, but all of them enjoyed the whole process.
Overall the itinerary we had for our day stay was great. It gave us the opportunity to meet, feed, wash and interact with elephants very closely. The volunteers educated us about the ill treatment of elephants in the tourism industry and explained how their non-profit organisation helped to rescue and rehabilitate them. It was a very rewarding experience for the students.