SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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IB Year 10 CAS Service Trip to Hong Kong (Day 3)


The breakfast is English style which maybe the students do not like so much. After they must build their own sandwiches to be taken with them for lunch.




The main activity of the day is gorging. The gorge is a narrow valley between the mountains of our island. It contains many big rocks, waterfalls, pools. And also much wildlife. It was much fun climbing the rocks. Where it is too dangerous to climb freely ropes are prepared by the instructors and the experience seemed to be enjoyed by all students.




After gorging finishing, students walked back to their camp side, and had two-hour free time on beach.




In the evening there was an excursion to the wetlands where we were shown native fauna/plants and animals. The favourite of the group being the “touch-me-not” plant that will close its leaves and hides if it experiences contact. A mechanism to protect itself from getting eaten. There are water buffalo babies everywhere and birds sitting on their backs. The wetlands is a good place to play games, some students have very strong competitive instincts.




Then to see a local farm that has been built by the people of the island. It was very interesting to see the do-it-yourself style to the farm and the way every day waste materials can be recycled to build something useful.




The dinner was made by the students for the students. Many chose a Chinese style hot pot. While others had several different courses for their meals.Very impressive. The quality of each dish was tested by the camp instructors and the most talented chefs in Y10 won.