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IB Year 11 CAS Service Trip to Thailand (Day 6)



Thailand group 1


The students returned to the local school today to carry on working with the children and also decorate a part of the building with a mural .It was a hot morning and a long job, but the students persevered to create a beautiful piece of artwork to be proud of. The cultural exchange continued into the afternoon, as our students shared Chinese games, paper folding and cutting and colouring pictures of traditional dress with the local children. It was a wonderful day of cultural collaboration, activities and above all fun. Tonight was the last evening before heading back home and the students celebrated the week’s excellent work with an authentic Thai buffet on the beach whilst watching the stunning sun set on the crystal ocean.




Thailand group 2



On the last day of our trip, the students got ready and excited for the final day. First, we attended a snake course introduced by a private wildlife conservation organisation called "Our Land". The co-founder Joe spent one hour to introduce to the Y11 students some of key facts of the different species of snakes in Thailand and more importantly, how to respond when bitten by a snake! Along with his talk, he showed us a variety of snakes that was on a conservation, such as an Siamese cobra



Many students were brave enough to interact and take photos with some of the non-aggressive snakes, being closer to the wildlife more than ever.

The second half of the day was consisted the students doing some final work at Elephant World, such as elephant bed cleaning, giving elephants both a mud and water bath and of course, feeding them with fulfilling meals of fruits.

It was an eventful and memorable last day of the trip for our Y11 students.