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IB Year 11 CAS Service Trip to Thailand (Day 7)



Thailand group 1


For their final day, the students headed off once again to the Sea Turtle Conservation Centre. This time they were working with turtles from six months up to a year old and it was amazing to see how much they could grow over that time. Once again, the turtles had to be placed into tubs and bathed, whilst their tanks were given a much needed scrub down. Some turtles were so large that it took nearly three students to move them! As the students worked, curious tourists came by to see what they were doing. Soon quite a crowd had gathered around the tanks, and it was great to see our students answering questions on the turtles and sharing the knowledge they had learnt on marine wildlife and its conservation.


It was an extremely hot afternoon, but that did not stop our students continuing their excellent environmental work. Next, they took part in a beach clean, gathering litter to be recycled by the navy base. It was shocking to see how many plastic and glass bottles, wrappers, bags and even clothes were collected in only twenty minutes. Before leaving the resort for the airport, the students reflected upon all the unique experiences they had shared together and it was unanimously agreed that they had made a positive difference to both the environment and people they worked with.