SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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IB Year 10 CAS Service Trip to Hong Kong (Day 4&5)



Day 4

The fourth day was heavy with rain. Scheduled activities were rearranged so that games were played inside. The weather cleared up a bit later so the students played some games on the beach and did a raft building exercise involving construction with rope, rubber rings and wood. It was interesting to see the different ways in which groups put the structure together. All seemed to float successfully.

第四天,下起了大雨,原定的活动被取消了,同学们在屋子里玩一些游戏。等天气好转后,同学们去沙滩上玩游戏,并且学习怎么用绳子 轮胎和木头做一个船。同学们都用他们认为最坚固的方式绑了一艘船,并且要比赛谁划得快。结果证明所有的船都可以划出去30米并回来。

In the evening came the much anticipated “skit” night. A skit is a short piece of performance normally based on humour. The most popular type of skit on the night were dance and music based pieces.




Day 5

The final day involved English breakfast (baked beans, highly delicious but non-nutritious bacon, and fried eggs)

最后一天,仍然是英式早餐,烤豆子 培根和炒蛋。

The camp site was packed down, an enormous volume of luggage organised for leaving, and showers were done. After all the formalities the students and group leaders did final games, reflections and goodbyes.


The return journey was done safely.