SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners  Trips

Spring Excursion in May · Anhui Huangshan Mountain



OneJadeite Valley (一)翡翠谷

On May 4th, students and teachers of the IB bridging programme went to Huangshan Mountain to experience the beauty of ancient Hui Zhou. Leaving early in the morning by coach, accompanied by attractive countryside scenes, students and teachers arrived at the destination in high spirits. The first scenic spot----- FeiCui (Jadeite) Valley, whose name comes from the Jadeite color of the water, contains a dozen pools of all sizes.



Due to it being the early summer of May, rainwater is abundant and the air is very fresh there. Green trees and bamboos give welcome shades to the valley. The water is limpid and bright with emerald green ripples. Students and teachers could not help but appreciate the miracles of nature and also discussed the reason of the water’s color. The babble of the spring, the chirps of birds’ singing, the sweet sounds of the nature blew away the tiredness from their long journey. All the beauty of nature, together with everybody’s smiles were imprinted in the photos.



TwoHong Village (二)烟雨宏村

On May 5th, students and teachers visited the world famous tourist attraction----Hong Village. As one of the world’s cultural heritages and the representative of ancient villages of Hui Zhou, Hong  Village’s reputation has long preceded itself. And its beauty, which is beyond praise, indeed amazed students and teachers. The cottages in Hong Village, which are surrounded by lush hills are dyed green by the color of the springs that wave through the streets. The whole scene is like a painting and left students and teachers deep impressions.

55,师生们则到了闻名世界的宏村游览观光。来之前,师生们都已听闻宏村大名—— "画中的村庄"、世界文化遗产之一、“徽州古村落”代表,心里早有期待。果然,师生们刚下车,只见青山抱白村,白村映绿水,绿水绕游人,大家不禁感叹宏村的美景。


Accompanied by the rain, students and teachers could taste the poetic flavor of Hong Village. Following the tour guide closely, stepping on moss stones along the river, students and teachers walked across twisted paths while appreciating the wonderful views of Hong  Village.



Having come from the city, students were all attracted by the unique sceneries, the exquisitely well-organized gardens, with refined doors and windows, special architecture as well as the half peeled-off paint on the walls.



Students also sat in the South Lake  School to experience and imagine the ancient scenery of kids having classes there. 



Time flew and students and teachers tore themselves away from Hong  Village and still were chewing the sceneries all the way home. 



This spring excursion is not only a great chance for students to expand their horizon and experience the harmony between human and nature but also enhance the relationship between teachers and students.