SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Yr 11 CAS Service Trip to Thailand ( Day 3 )


Monday 24th April saw everyone up having breakfast at 7:30am. Then we set off to Koh Kho Khaoisland by taxi and ferry, and at Ban Nok Na primary school the students were split into two groups of nine. One group was assigned the task of clearing the field behind the school building to get the soil ready for the planting of fruit trees, while the other group was responsible for painting the walls of the school building. At 12pm, we had a simple lunch of fried noodles and a quick rest before heading back to work. In the process of fulfilling their tasks, the first group had to learn how to get the soil ready for planting and strategies for the division of the plots using old car tires, and the other group discussed the best order of painting the various parts of the walls and the number of coats needed. Finally, due to the hard work of all the students, they finished their tasks earlier than expected! So we left the school before 3pm and made our way back to the Resort. Some students commented on how they have learnt to get dry earth ready for planting in, while others reflected on how joyous the kids would be when they return after their holidays to see nicely-painted walls! Dinner was served after a shower break, then the students had a reflection session on the issues they had seen these few days in Thailand and compared them with issues at home and in their lives. The last activity of the evening was a team quiz game in which they had to jot down answers to interesting general knowledge questions. Everyone had fun guessing and learning some fascinating facts about the town they are in and the world beyond!

424日的周一,早上七点半,大家吃过早餐后乘坐出租车和渡轮前往科考岛(Koh Kho Khao),在当地一所名叫Ban Nok Na的小学,学生被分成两组,每组九人。一组负责清理学校后面的操场土地,以备种植果树。另一组则负责粉刷学校建筑的墙壁。中午十二点,我们吃了一顿简单的炒面条午餐,稍作休息后又重新投入到劳作之中。在完成既定工作任务的同时,第一组的同学还必须学习怎样松土和有效使用旧轮胎划分地块。另一组则讨论了粉刷墙壁各个部分的先后顺序以及所需要的外套数量。最后,由于所有学生的辛勤工作,他们比预期早早完成了任务!所以我们在下午3点之前离开学校,返回到了度假村。有的学生发现自己从中学到了怎样在干旱的土地上种植,而有的学生则想象着当这所小学的孩子们假期过后返校,看到墙壁上色彩斑斓的图画后该会有多么惊喜!休息时间晚餐后,学生们就在泰国几天看到的现象进行了反思,并将此与在本国家庭和生活中的问题进行了比较。当天晚上最后一个活动是一个趣味问答游戏,即要求学生们掌握一些有趣的常识。每名学生都乐在其中,并且加深了对这个城镇的了解。路途刚刚开始,精彩尽在前方!