SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
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Yr 11 CAS Service Trip to Thailand ( Day4 )


On Tuesday 25th April, everyone set off early for the Turtle Conservation Center. Students first learned how to hold the turtles, thencarefully remove them from their tanks, before going into the tanks themselves to scrub and wash the tiles free from algae. The last step was examining each turtle for infections and treating them with purple antiseptic liquid. As there were several tanks of turtles and they were in an array of sizes, students had to repeat their actions and work together for some of the bigger ones. By midday the job was done and we headed to the local village for lunch. On the way, some students said they missed the cute turtles already as they keep tortoises at home as pets and others remarked on how they felt this activity was more worthwhile than the others so far since they were giving help to live animals. After lunch in the village, there was a rest break before a lesson on the seriousness of marine litter and a beach clean-up session. Students picked up any trash they found along the coast and sorted them out when they returned into four bags: glass, plastic, metals and others. It was a job well done and surprisingly, some students said that they enjoyed this activity as it was similar to the Green Walk they do in Charity Club. At the same time, it was a chance for everyone to take in the sea breeze, listen to diverse birds around and spot various shell animals as well! Dinner followed, then a reflection session with the Principal, before the students were dismissed to their rooms for evening study. As instructed, students had to do some work on their IAs and EEs tonight.