SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners  Trips

Yr 10 CAS Service Trip to Yunnan( Day1-2 )


Day 124th April第一天:424

After a long but comfortable train journey we all finally arrived at QujingBei railway station. A short ride to the hotel later and all were settled in their rooms, excited for the volunteer programme which would be commencing tomorrow.


Day 225th April第二天:425

We set off early to the village and wasted no time in getting toCiying VillageElementary School to meet the staff and students. Upon arrival, we were treated to a morning exercise display by the students, who were thrilled to see us and begin their lessons with their new Suzhou visitors. Soon, the classrooms were ringing with enthusiastic laughter, and some of the young students’ first words spoken in English.


After school, Benny, Tomo, David Xiao, Jenny, Will and Jonny went to visit the homes of two underprivileged students, JiaZi Kang and Guan Yang Chao.JiaZi Kang is sadly suffering from leukemia and his family is doing their best to look after him, however are burdened with expensive hospital fees. Guan Yang Chaois physically disabled and his mother had to resign from her job to look after him – despite this, he is an exceedingly clever student who enjoys his schoolwork. Both are in need of financial support and friendship, which our students offered by visiting and giving donations on behalf of the school to help them and their families. 

放学之后,徐逸凡Benny,李园亭Tomo, 肖宇秋David Xiao, 金穗祯Jenny, 王志麒Will 和许世杰Jonny ,这6名学生随同校长和老师们一起探访了贫困生贾梓康和关杨超。师生们来到这两个孩子的家中,与他们亲切地交流。贾梓康身患白血病,家中父母尽全力在照顾他,然而巨额的医药费对这个家庭来说,依旧是沉重的负担。关杨超虽有残疾,但却身残志坚,智力超群,热爱学习。他的母亲为了照顾他,不得不辞去了工作。两名学生都需要经济上和情感上的支持。为此,学生们代表学校转交了慰问款,并且鼓励他们自信阳光、坚持到底。