SIPFLS High School Programme (IB/AP)
Learning Corners  Trips

Yr 11 CAS Service Trip to Thailand ( Day5 )


It was mid week, Wednesday, and we arrived at another turtle conservation center at about 8:15am. Two groups of students cleaned different tanks at separate ends of the center. This time, the algae was thicker and harder to scrub, so students had to put in a lot of energy and sweated through it. After disinfecting every turtle and returning them into their clean tanks, everyone felt a great sense of satisfaction!


Lunch at the village and a break followed. When everyone had showered, they attended a lesson on the importance of mangroves and the threats facing them. Then we all went on a boat ride through one of the few mangrove swamps left in Thailand. Many students were excited to see snakes for the first time and others marveled at the monkey families there as well as the odd-looking trees with over-hanging roots. However, some students were disappointed about not being able to spot the endangered tigers. On the way back, some of them reflected on the vastness of the mangrove swamp and how small our actions seem if we try to help preserve them, while others mentioned the dirty water and how people should protect the environment at the same time as preserving the mangroves.


Back at the restaurant in the Resort, five groups of students learned how to make five different Thai dishes such as chicken curry, Tom Yam soup, glutinous rice dessert and Pad Thai with the help of the expert chefs. It was an immensely enjoyable experience and everything was eaten up in a few minutes! The leaders then did a reflection session with the students in which they had to jot down in pairs the skills they had learned so far, both academic/professional and personal ones. Each pair then shared their ideas with the others and how those skills would be useful in their future. Among the interesting ideas were teamwork and strategic planning in the completion of tasks set. After that, most of them voted to skip the evening game due to fatigue, so they were dismissed for the night.